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I LIKE THIS TANK! – WZ 113G FT • World of Tanks

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The WZ-113G FT is not the best of the tier 10 tank destroyers, but it’s also not as bad as most people say it is! I take it out for a few live games and show you want is good and bad about it.

Tank: WZ-113G FT – Tier 10 Chinese Tank Destroyer

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⏲️ Timestamps:
00:00 – Intro
01:28 – Game 1: Mines
07:17 – Game 2: Outpost
09:28 – Game 3: Prokhorovka

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  1. I loved the Tier 9 version… just got this tier 10… 😀

  2. it's impressive your crew don't even have camo skill

  3. Yeah this tank is criminally underrated and I would agree it's not meta breaking or changing but just solid overall. The tier 8 is also not as bad as people say it is, I find the gun doesn't troll me as much as people make it out to and you can bounce things, even when the gun does troll me I'm so used to it with other tanks that it doesn't really bother me that much

  4. Its On Track (NA) so I was considering it.
    Thanks for this. Great timing bud!

  5. My leo like to bounce 290 AP😂😂😂😂

  6. Question,why u using the default voice line (american this time) on all nations tanks,instead lisening the other crew voice lines like italian or U.K? just curiosity

  7. im also watching this while i have a cat in my lap lol

  8. yeah, its not bad, but problem is it feels boring, take jgpze100, similar playstyle but does everything better and is more fun, just a bit slower

  9. I started this line after falling asleep and getting bored on the Italian TD line, and was happily playing to the tier 9 went the Japanese line came out. What a difference, not having to wait for a long reload and intraclip.
    You are going to love the Japanese line, it's very similar to the German line, but with shorter reloads and more mobile

  10. To be fair, no one really thinks this thing is awful, it's just not anything special. It really is DECENT at everything, but not GOOD at anything so people would rather play other TD"s like you said.
    The other problem is that the Tier 9 is pretty much an identical tank that gets to meet tier 7's on occasion. Literally has the same gun with 290 ap, 395 heat, and the 1100 HE damage whereas most tier 9 150ish TD's only get 900 or so HE damage and closer to 320-340mm gold pen

  11. The way I am grinding lately, I'll be getting the WZ113G TD at the same time I get Ho-Ri 3, months from now 😁 since I'm still tier 8 in both those lines.

  12. WG is making us NA types call it "Top of the Tree" now 😯😢🤬

  13. i would never taught max will “like” a chinese Tank Kappa and btw let tiggy stream for once and max on the other room 😂😂

  14. The tier 9 has the same gun and decent amour a tier below so i think its is better tier for tier

  15. Heard "this fing…." at the start and turned off – ergh

  16. While tier 8 was underwhelming, tier 9 seems nice so far (stock gun) and from this video tier 10 seems better than I've assumed.

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