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After being requested so many times finally decided to check out Tank Simulator Roblox and got The BEST Tank in the game, it’s crazy! Let me know your thoughts in the comments?


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Thank you so much if you’re even reading this as you’re already here showing support!

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  1. how come only 200 likes btw im the 200th like 😀

    Imagine not liking

  2. Oops sorry I spelt your name wrong Corbon meister

  3. I actually very like this and I have the IS-2 in the game

  4. No mans Land was a barrier between trenches in the western front of eroupe for wwI

  5. Lol this game is great I play it in the jungle area

  6. i saw someone that had the maus tank they are so big in game

  7. I sew hem play wef me lol
    PS dummkicks PS heine

  8. The best thing is a German panza idk if I spelled that right

  9. Fun fact the maus is the heaviest and the largest tank in the world created at Germany in WW2 wonder weapons of hitler with his famous tank designer Porsche

  10. the fact machine guns can somehow kill a MAUS is unrealistic

  11. The maus tank is a german tank maus means Miße

  12. Amogus tank: gets added
    Every one:☺☺☺☺☺

  13. Tank warfare is more realistic and better graphics but tank simulator is overrated

  14. I don't have robux I talk in spanish i don'talk much english estoy apunto de conseguir el tanke para ir al ultimo mapa para los que quieran saber el helicoptero es el auto legendario en los dos ultimos mapas

  15. by the way the maus turns slow because the maus was the largest and best tank in ww2 and it was the heavyist and thats proboly why it was so slow and the ammo is not that good and i would perfer you getting INF ammo with it

  16. Everybody gangsta till the maus big brother come (P1000 Ratte)
    Also congrat 100 comment

  17. The worst tank: M3 stuart
    Best robux tank: MAUS tank
    The best tank: M1 abrams

    i only listed a few xD

  18. Starter tanks: M3 stuart, mk VII tetrarch, hotchkiss H-35

    Robux tanks: MAUS tanks

    Good tanks: M1 abrams

  19. So you like maus? Well how about M1 Abrams or MBT-70

  20. Game's fun lol I wanna see a down to Earth grind not just you buying the maus and one shoting everything

  21. When i had got 2k i dint know what was squad crate

  22. Why people always buy maus its cheating they need some tanks without robux and people shoulded buy coins it will make u more rich😶😑😑

  23. Tank simulator is the best you can go EXE MODE

  24. A few corrections

    To pronounce Maus, you have to pronounce it as "Mouse" instead of "mass" because the Maus is German for "Mouse"

    Ethan's tank appears to be a British Crusader mark 1 cruiser tank

    information about the Maus:

    The Maus or its designation the "Panzer VIII" was classed as a Super Heavy Tank, armed with a 128mm PaK-44 Anti-tank gun, a 7.5 cm (75mm) KwK-37 KampfWagenKanone (fighting vehicle cannon), and a 7.92 mm coaxial MG-34 general-purpose machine gun, the Maus was powered by an MB-509 V-12 petrol engine on the V1 and the MB-517 V-12 diesel engine on the V2, the Maus was originally from a contract given to Porsche in March 1942, Porsche's name for the Maus was originally the "Mammut" (Mammoth), but was reportedly changed the nickname to "Mäuschen" (Little Mouse) in December 1942, which it was shortened to the common Maus in February 1943, Porsche informed that the Maus V1 is to be ready in 1943, in March 1944, the second prototype (V2) of the Maus was delivered, it was different to the V1, in around mid-1944 the Maus V2 was fitted with the 128mm gun, 75mm gun, and a coaxial MG-34, ironically the two Maus prototypes never left the testing stage, after the Second World War ended in September 2, 1945 when Germany surrendered to the Allies in May 7, 1945 and Japan surrender from August 15 to September 2, 1945 the Soviet commander of Soviet armored and mechanized troops ordered to merge the V2 Turret on the V1 Hull, they pulled the 55 ton V2 Turret of the destroyed V2 hull by towing it with six Famo-built sd.kfz. 9 18t half-tracks (Germany's biggest half-tracks until May 1945), the resulting vehicle (Maus V1/V2 hybrid) was then sent to the Soviet Union for further testing in Kubinka.

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