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I Found A Buried Tank & Repaired It For Major Profits In Tank Mechanic Simulator

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Welcome to Tank Mechanic Simulator! Tank Mechanic Simulator is a game about World War II tanks, their crews and their contribution to military history. As a tank museum owner, your task is to recover destroyed or abandoned tanks and renovate them for profits.

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  1. the first thing in the video was a german halftrack

  2. the first tank you found is not a tank its a halftrack

  3. The first tank you found is called skdz 152/122 or skdz 421/081 bc there is a machine gun type like the second one and there is a artillery cannon type

  4. I cringed at him calling them tanks THEY BE HALFTRACKS HOMIE

  5. That half-track is a Sdkfz 251 half-track from Germany used during WWII

  6. The thin With the wheel is a german half-track from ww2

  7. Irritates my ocd when he lets the primer completion percentages go to about78-86 percent and doesn’t finish it lol

  8. Drae i don't know much about tank or such but pretty sure what you dug up is a half-track

  9. There is also a plane mechanic simulator

  10. ALPHA UNIT 72 (find me in COD mobile) says:

    its a german anti-infantry tank

  11. The first or only I’m not sure I’m not far into the video is an armored German car

  12. Drae calling a German half track armed mechanized infantry personal support vehicle a tank cuts deep

  13. Drae calls a armored personal transport a tank

    me : Angrely angry

    takke. thid as JOKE

  14. why do the tires on the wheels and track tank hav rust lol

  15. Hungry gunner he could of mistaken it for the puma or m8 greyhound

  16. Where did all the destroyd tanks go like I dont think theyd be able to possibly move them all and melt them all down as that's a lot of tanks to get rid of and they can get very very stuck like sure burying them is possible but that's alot of work and ud run into big issues later on like the hell they do with them all

  17. 10:50 I'm pretty sure that tank should have a turret basket, I know the t34 didnt but I'm pretty sure the kv siries should including the kv2/Russian death fridge

  18. what you got was a german halftrack and you might get different one because there were three variants troop carrier, anti tank, and anti air

  19. its a half trach used by the Germans not a tank

  20. Drae in turret: “Okay I think that’s everything”

    Me: what do you mean “that’s everything”, you went in a bunch of circles

  21. yo its a mtrack used by the germans or americans

  22. Way better then the essay I’m supposed to be doing

  23. First vehicle that you have found was Hanomag if I'm not mistaken

  24. Its kinda funny that idk if drae knows that there's a thing that says like how mutch more rust or sanding there is on the right side of the screen when he looks at the tank and he says like I think we're done with rust removal when the thing isn't even at 100%

  25. The two tanks you found were armored cars

  26. I'm playing this game as I'm watching your video and I'm also on the same extraction map

  27. half track everybody thats played ww2 call of duty laughing at you not knowing what it is

  28. the first one is not a tank, its just a car.

  29. As an actual tank mechanic, this gives me PTSD… WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO DO THIS FOR FUN?!?!?!?

  30. YouTube play way too it’s not on iPad you have to tell them to put on my iPad in the least it

  31. I fart it was a hassle at the house so I can have wheels in the front and I already know there is right

  32. Restoring these tanks gives so much money 😀

  33. Drae Lives in 21st Century and doesn't know he can take picture with phone and not have to write down what he needs to buy )

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