I Designed the Worst Tanks in History During WWI... (Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks) - panicarts.com

I Designed the Worst Tanks in History During WWI… (Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks)

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I Revived Japan From WW2 in the Present Day…
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  1. Dude… You where holding these tanks up to ww2 expectations while it was a experimental first tank


  3. "This thing looks like it's about to bust immediately" is wild💀😭

  4. Dont worry drew i already leaked your tank to the warthunder forums lol.

  5. "don't worry about submarines in WW1?!" My friend, please google WW1 subs for 5 sec.

  6. If anyone is wondering where can you get the game its on steam

  7. as An german i have to say volkswagen got founded and financed by an snowball scheme of the naz*s

  8. Dint tanks first enter the war in 1915 or 1916
    And dint Mitsubishi creat airplanes

  9. He taught me the word moneys I now use it a lot

  10. Ww1 tanks were actually pretty nice, we should bring them back

  11. That's not a toaster it's a a7v German tank

  12. I have never seen a man more handsome than Drew Durnil

  13. Hey I'm new to your channel. Are from New Brunswick?

  14. Man Please look up some History behind this me as a Historian hits that in the heart.
    If you want infos please ask me or look it up.

  15. Reverse engineering on screen
    Ahhh what's the word?

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