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I Built & Battled Post Apocalyptic Vehicles! – Crossout Gameplay

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Join me in Crossout here: ! Also Available on PS4 & Xbox One

Building & Battling Post Apocalyptic Vehicles in Crossout multiplayer gameplay! Join me, SpyCakes as I build an amazing Tank for PvP & PvE… This is a Apocalypse vehicle building game so there’s lots of other creative vehicles I build in this video!

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About Crossout:

“A post-apocalyptic multiplayer Action game! Craft your unique battle machines from dozens of interchangeable parts and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battle!”

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  1. Spy ive been watching you since i was seven thanks for being their
    Now i can watch something during quarantine thanks🍰

  2. Gaijin be like: The bias is strong with this one The thumbnail is a post-apocalyptic T-34, for clarification.

  3. Spy, u guys inspired me to play crossout for the first time in a year it was so fun to watch keep up the awsomegaming content

  4. I like the third one because the chamber of the front always subscribe and like to spycakes and camodo and brandon and o.b

  5. Its because you struggled but its fine i mean its good for getting practice so it does not matter

  6. Spys tank is slow because spys tank is a heavy battle tank

  7. i already have crossout and i got it a while back when i had windows 7 but now i have the 10 and i still play it

  8. spy you are the best player goodjob spy and i subscribed

  9. Thank you for telling me cross out as a free-to-play game on PlayStation 4 now I can finally play I've always wanted to and I didn't see that it was on PlayStation Store until I looked at all the free games

  10. Everyone:Wow spy made a cool tank Me:How does spy know how tanks made?

  11. Spy's second tank is inspired by the legendary mark 1,2,3,4,5 tanks

  12. Spy i like more of this game but i so like
    TanksALot you like this game i just say
    okay bye good bye

  13. Brandon: can i do a victory lap now?
    Spy, Camodo, and OB and in comeplete sync: no

  14. he actually built a sherman elephant croosover

  15. “Guys, there’s a purple guy here!”

    Laughs in Man Behind The Slaughter

  16. Everyone said "No" at the same time😂

  17. Thank you Spycakes!!!! For two pakage beginning

  18. the second tank had ww1 mark v tracks lol

  19. Spycake play more crosout pls

  20. the funnest thing about it is that when brandon say he wants to do victory lab they all say no at the same time;))

  21. Spycakes I installed a world of tank blitz

  22. How did you get the stuff on level 30 I am level 15

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