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I Built a Secret Gaming Room in a Fish Tank

Aquarium Info
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This week, I built a Secret Hidden Gaming Room inside a Fish Tank! Check out the game @GenshinImpact here: #genshinimpact #sponsored

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Meet The Crew!
🐢 Harry
🦐 Ralph
🦎 Lucy & Lemon
🐠 Nemo & Marlin
🐡 Puff & Peewee

This week, I spent thousands of dollars building my dream secret gaming room! It’s equipped with RGB lights, expensive gaming gear like a top notch gaming setup, gaming PC and gaming chair, gaming headset and even a top secret entrance. And at the end, we will see if my best friend Jackie can find me. You’re not gonna wanna miss it!

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  1. I want this so bad but I would just hang out watching the fish in peace.

  2. Can we just appreciate aquarium info for doing this?
    I can’t believe that this is almost impossible and she did it!❤
    Here is the time for the figures!🎉
    1:36 Diluc
    3:05 Venti
    6:32 Lumine
    Your welcome!

  3. •𝙼𝙸̇𝚂𝚃𝚈•𝚁𝙾𝚄𝚃𝙸̇𝙽𝙴𝚂 says:

    Ur my fav youtuber I hope you always be happy like this

  4. 😅Face sudden😂😂😂d wee DC. Xesr🎉Fear service

  5. ngl when I game with my friends my mom calls mid game lol

  6. Yes definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely love it . I clever could do that here like I’m on my bed .

  7. I would love to be in that gaming room. And I found all three characters

  8. I got medium and hard, but I didn’t get easy

  9. I which I had a secret room in fish tank🙏🏻

  10. i saw a real mermaid but knowone belivesd me i am 6

  11. Do you know that I have earphones but cat earphones that light up when they are turned on, and they’re called loopy

  12. I would love a fish tank room, looks amazing 😍

  13. How come you didn't put harry in the secret gaming room

  14. The thumbnail pic looks so familiar… JSTU.

  15. Your gaming room is fire ❤ I hope we all like this gaming

  16. This is my dream I’m not allowed it though 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  17. Honestly, I would prefer to know how much this costs. XD I want this

  18. Yeah, but do you wanna go to Disneyland is much It’s more than $100 but it causes a lot of money than 100

  19. i love your videos so much they are very cool

  20. I’m falling in love with aquarium info let me marry her and date her❤❤❤❤

  21. This is … a really Bad idea. 😀
    No airflow in and out + it's Isolated. Wenn you close the door and are gaming for a long period, you will Just slowly die because of a Lack of oxygen.
    The heat in there will be unbearable after a short time.

  22. They say it's impossible to do it but she does it anyways

  23. Would you hangout in this gaming room? 🎮

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