HUGE NEWS + First Auction tank | World of Tanks -

HUGE NEWS + First Auction tank | World of Tanks

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World of Tanks, WoT, 1.17 patch

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  1. The separation is only cosmetic. From what I understand, it's two Companies that have the exact same ownership.

  2. But what's going to happen to Skill's RU MOE challenge? Is it just going to end?

  3. Something doesn’t seem right about this situation. If WG sold the RU server to another company then the player’s accounts were the value the other company paid for. The company paid for those accounts but is allowing them to transfer back to WG and the EU server?

  4. EU players will EAT russians ALIVE in the CHAT if this comes to reality

  5. Funny. NEWS 6 hours after it got out. You are getting more and more LAME

  6. I am happy….this is the best for the game against the war.

  7. So what happens to all those people who bought 780's with a unique number, there'll now be duplicates EU server if those who bought them on RUS server move to EUR server?

  8. Appreciate Ukrainian in index, thanks Skill and crew!

  9. Thank god russians stay on their own servers!! As a CS player I cannot stand the situation where 90% of the players are russians and you cannot understand anything what they say and if you understand that is because they are shouting some patriotic sh**.

  10. @skill4ltu kada bus lietuviu kalba skill4ltu's Index? 🙂


    An influx of Russian players onto EU1/2, especially if they do not speak English, would be a disaster for team play, as those players would, in effect, form a 'platoon' of their own kind doing their own thing. This would result in the rest of the team just following along as best they could. In effect, you will see 'two teams' in each team. I hope I am wrong but I can also see the potential resentment by some of having the 'enemy' within our own ranks.

  12. not big news to me i play Asia server. this means fuck all

  13. I like the muzzle break on the gun, I think in real life it has a few benefits but I doubt it makes any difference in the characteristics of the gun handling and capabilities in the game but I do know it has the “Dirty Harry” look/vibe going on on,ya feeling lucky punk,well are ya? 😅😂

  14. Do you think that lower RU server gold spam will affect future likely "server connection" by a big margin? (EU1 and 2 players will be able to play on EU3 and 4 and vice versa)

  15. It brings me comfort to know if/when the NA server inevitably dies/merges with EU that WG will probably do something similar. My only hope is if this ever happens instead of removing the NA cluster per say merely merge it with the EU cluster so the NA server is just one of the options in the EU cluster so that way there would be minimal ping issues for dedicated NA players while also giving the option to toon on the EU servers with EU Players. I am old enough and have played wot long enough that I still remember when there was the NA East server & The best server in world of tanks the NA West Server.

  16. omg i will have 0 ping if i can play on new EU 3 server

  17. I have a question. I play from united States on the Na server. I can only see Na or sometimes south America servers. How do people get to play on Eu server from North America

  18. I'm not Ukranian but I'll switch to EU since I always receive some angry messages from angry Russian men on RU servers (no matter you did good or bad in a battle).

  19. I think there will be so much hate towards the RU players (deserved imho) so it will be not so Easy as it seems.

  20. I stopped spending real money on this game after the HE nerf

  21. Not playing with russians thats for sure

  22. So basically EU players playng on RU server can't buy stuff any more and vice versa. I presume that russians playing on the EU server have the same opportunity to transfer accounts to RU server.

  23. so cheats will be up sorry to say this but it will..nothing to do with russian people but ru players not great ..just my view

  24. So we get some trillions of players not speaking or typing english, paying in wheat or rice instead €?!
    This game has one year to live…

  25. When will I be able to transfer from NA to EU? Since half of the day I can't play because there is not enough players in the queue.

  26. This is what we Really need Ru players on EU WG you drink now????!!!

  27. skiiiil, thanks and I'm looking forward to play with you on eu, greetings from UA

  28. Interesting development. Might be wrong, but I can't recall hearing any news on the geopolitical position of WG from any other mainstream English-speaking CC? Please correct me if you know differently? It is important for players with a conscience.

  29. 1:34 most important part
    Question about my own curiosity: SKILL, will You be able to play on EU3/4 with Your transfered RU account, when logging in from EU region?

  30. RU to EU, holly sh** , we know very well, that the russian players are kinda disaster players. NOOOO with that change!

  31. This is absolutly BS … one want the RU in EU

  32. Honestly, this entire auction is such a scam. $20m credits for an average tank? It's ridiculous. Sure the guys who play all day every day can afford that, but the FTP players can't afford this. It's like the black market scam. Everything is either too expensive or the tanks are gone in two hours.

  33. I like this. Maybe EU population will become less toxic when we get all those Russians we know from the testserver as permanent EU players…

  34. Bait…. u killed me a minute ago. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 after the comment 😛

  35. sounds good to me, the thing about ruzzia and belarus… but the only thing that bothers me… do i really wanna see russian nazi peoples spamming the z letter on the in game chat? i dont think i wanna see this so the best solution to me would be if we couldnt meet any russian on the eu server… you can say i am racist or something? i dont care tbh.

  36. How much you got paid for this king of misleading and hate speech?!

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