HUGE NEWS + First Auction tank | World of Tanks -

HUGE NEWS + First Auction tank | World of Tanks

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World of Tanks, WoT, 1.17 patch

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  1. peace and love for Russia and Ukraine forever!

  2. Its very big change and im in support but i'm afraid that everyone in chat will be only speaking rusian since its 70% of WOT player base.

  3. so RU server with the most cheats and hacks on wants to transfer to EU, you cant make this shit up

  4. 2:36 why is it a good thing Skill? If I want to be on RU server and give money to Lesta, who the hell should be able to stop me from doing that? Isn't that taking away my freedom of choice EU is so keen to promote? XD
    Kind of surprised by your reaction, but then again not so much with all the propaganda and rusofobia. Well, to each his own, hopefully EU countries stick to that in the future.

  5. sure Russia and Belarus got very upset about this decision…lol

  6. Who has over 20000000 credits to play with if you are grinding tech trees. Lol. Pass my brother

  7. The US severs are similar. I live in Texas, so they put me on the Central Server. I can't access the East or West NA servers. Briefly when WG had a Central Server problem they allowed us to get on the Eastern Server. But, ever since I started playing in 2019 I've also been able to access the SA (South America) Server. There's not many players on it, so most of battle in the lower tiers from tier 5 and below are made up of 50% bots. Strangely though I see players from Russia and other eastern countries playing on it sometimes. I wonder how they are able to access it when they're half a world away?

  8. The real question should be when am I able to switch from Asia to NA. Wargaming already have the capabilities for account migration so why won’t they let people do it?

  9. Skeeeel – tank about possible account merges. have account on EU (6month) and RU (6 years)

  10. 20 millions for… I pass. I Felt in 780 trap. 😂🤣😂🤣

  11. Geez, I thought that you're gonna be a father and have little skilldren 🙂

  12. Let's just end the silly region divisions, so I can finally play with a reasonable ping regardless where I live.

  13. I’m so happy to see that WG is giving these server transfer opportunities. I know for sure NA is going to die one day (at this rate since there’s basically 0 advertising and no new players pretty much) and I’d rather transfer to another server than lose my account forever.

  14. great news my King! as a small sign of support, I have not played russian tanks since the war started. I know it is meaningless, but to me, I raised my middle finger! love you man

  15. @skill4ltu I'm really disappointed by your comment and reaction, in my opinion you should be neutral no matter what it is and stop mixing politics in anything, especially in games, where there should be entertainment and everything else except politics… i really like you and all but this reaction is for me minus, all and all a was expecting you ll say bit more about auction…

  16. I wonder how they will handle players who have 2 accounts and used the same username on RU.

  17. WG predecides every match. Whether you win or loose is not up to you

  18. Tank is good if u know how to use it… but if ur some random bot than it means nothing nothing ! but yea we shall see tommorow 268/5 party !

  19. The company that took over WOT in Russia and Belarus is a daughter company of WG. For Wargaming, the only problem is the users payment transfer restrictions imposed by Western banks. Therefore, this user breakdown. Everything stays in the family. 🙂

  20. Wg is going to die in pain bc of their own greediness. (Skill I love u with all my heart) but their mods banned me bc I said that, they only care bout money and game has changed badly. Lots of ppl quit the game like me but wg simply doesnt care. They dont deserve anythin until they make the game NOT pay to play.

  21. I cracked up when his baboon war cry was cut off at the end of the video

  22. So if the RU player with the same number on his Obj 780 like I have decides to transfer, my number will not be unique anymore? This is outrageous!

    Edit to add: nevermind, I found the answer in the forum. The transfering player will get a new, higher number. Ok, I can sleep at night.

  23. RNG without random, premium ammo as a credit drain and a matchmaker for premium tanks.

  24. I still watch skill sometimes, but I've started playing another game; developed by Russians 🙂

  25. Please Skill, recommend any Russian content youtube providor that has covered this hot issue

  26. It's very good decision, Ru serwer was the biggest

  27. Skill, grow some balls and say it straight: not "because of the current situation in the world", but "because of the ruSSian barbaric invasion of Ukraine". Shame.

  28. Как сильно вы не любите Россию, невероятно.

  29. I thought you didn't want to be political Skeel?

  30. So they will not be able to play eu2 and eu1 for now, same as we on eu3 and eu4 if im right ?

  31. why people have to be involved and to take part in the ukraine war in world of tanks?i just want to play a video game, i dont care about what happens in the real world , that is the way a video game has to be, think about an other world, and even there we MUST be PRO this , against that ….this is ridiculous. hey, why not put some ukrainian tanks there and ban IS/KV because they are russian!?

  32. Got it for 23.1 Mil easy snack! farmed that amount in 1 Day of Arcade Cabinet in 12h grind and still have like 42 Mil left from grinding Arcade Cabinet

  33. Nice to see Ukrainian's can move to the EU server. I'm sure it will be a much more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

    Edit I will say though, it's a shame WG just doesn't give the option for each server to change at the same time. I'd love to get away from the Asian server where the worst players in the game reside.

  34. this should be exciting, the separation always kinda sucked

  35. EU players don't want RU players for a multitude of reasons, and the ones that want this for some reason: "You think you do but you don't."

  36. Today I was looking for some new skins but the previews were bad in WOT, I thought i will find it in your website, so maybe it could be usefull (not that very important) but it could be an idea. thanks for all your efforts to make all this content.

  37. Pls NA to EU server transfer. So sick of playing with low pop server.

  38. this doesnt make any sense though, how can a seperate company control war gamings game? i mean how is it even possible that wargaming can turn their back on the RU server and …it's still running? wouldnt they just ..shut it down? how can their game run on a server that they are no longer supporting? i mean if thats the case why doesnt someone just run the game without wargaming bullshit then, like just run NA server without wargaming or whatever, this shit doesnt make any damn sense, there is no way a game company would allow some other company to run their game on it's servers for free, against their will, i dunno shit about games or servers or whatever but can someone explain wtf he's talking about and wtf wargaming is talking about? it sounds very sus to me. so yea someone make a video or reply if they know how this is even possible cuz every game i ever played in my entire life that ran on servers would not allow this kind of thing, ever. period, if they didnt want their game on russian servers they would simply shut off the servers. this feels like shady bullshit to me, implying that they no longer want the game on russian servers but also implying their game is running on russian servers anyways and they cant stop it?

  39. Will my EU account work in EU4? I live in India so I'll probably get less ping with the Kazakhstan server.

  40. Great video, good information. Like the shoise of WG here. Playing eu myself but i can imagine the issues and stress for those players

  41. honestly, as long as the "special operation" is going on, no russians should be allowed anywhere. Good thing is that the Ukrainians will get the possibility to join the rest of the Europe.

  42. skill you have this tank on wots account you have best rng you can get hawe many games i play with 0 pen and 0 hit this tank is compleet shit again those russans fuckt us again.

  43. Well I wanted this tank, managed to get it and wargaming gave me the worst rng run possible. 9 losses in a row the most kills my team got was 3 in a game. To top it off 80% of my shots either glitched inches away from where aimed or didn’t pen. Bear in mind the gold ammo is 395 supposedly 🤣

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