Hue Jackson Claims That Browns PAID Him To Lose Games 😳 -

Hue Jackson Claims That Browns PAID Him To Lose Games 😳

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  1. Explains why they traded the 12th pick for Watson to Houston and took kizer

  2. Jackson wasn’t payed to take us to 0-16 he was just horrible. Kitchens who never coached any level of football was better.

  3. They only paid the black coaches to lose, to justify not hiring black coaches 🤔

  4. The browns were so bad for so long. The only way they could get back to relevance was to rip the team down to the studs and start over. They tanked in 16 and 17. I believe that. It gave them the core of their team. Mayfield, chubb, Garrett, Denzel ward, Njoku. Now they are competetive.

  5. I doubt they paid for losses. But I believe they had no plan on winning in 16 and 17. Complete rebuild. Why else would a HC get a 3rd year after going 1-31? They were planning for their future. They were stock piling future draft picks at that time too. It all worked out bc 2 years later they made it back to the playoffs for the 1st time in 20 years.

  6. Well Jackson’s record is bad so I can’t believe this he’s like 11-44-1

  7. More teams should tank for 2 or 3 years, stock pile draft picks and then rebuild. Teams get stuck going around 500 for years. Like the viking, bears, ect Not good enough to make the playoffs but not bad enough to get a high draft pick either.. For a franchise to turn around they need a couple top 5 picks to get playmakers. Browns got Garrett, Ward and mayfield. Bengals got burrow and chase.

  8. Let it go it was 5 years ago. Funny how 2 black HC that got fired are making these accusations.

  9. why did i think he was talking about wolverine 💀💀

  10. this sounds like he is trying to make an excuse for sucking and doing all those games

  11. If this is true, this is a huge story. If you don't want to win then sell the team to someone who will.

  12. I’m glad to see them speak up those owners are evil those players probably felt like it was there fault when they we losing

  13. This is obviously a lie. This would imply that the owners ever thought the browns could win games in those 2 years. Why would they pay when it wouldn’t make a difference?

  14. nah he just said cause he was trash but na if that’s true that done messed up

  15. So basically the nfl is rigged by the nfl themselves.

  16. Did they take the money and how does a HC lose games when they don’t play the games?

  17. This is like the problem with the dolphins cocach they Pay him about 100k to
    Lose a game about if you lost all the games in the season about 1.6m bucks

  18. This is true this is heppening to the dolphins coach

  19. This makes Hue look worse. They took the money.

  20. Why would this be a bad thing? No matter what your either getting happy cause your In the playoffs or if you lose you get money. 0-16 means you get 1.6 extra. They never said they have to tank or else they lose their job. I would be happy as a coach

  21. Imo its better to establish a winning culture instead of getting slightly better draft capital

  22. Hue Jackson has lied about other things like how he wanted Deshaun Watson 2 years after he was drafted

  23. These piles of garbage and their crappy nfl resumes! Throw someone under the bus to justify their resume! Says alot about the person to not only do it and take the money but later accuse and expose owners! Their is Bill Belicheck on one end of the spectrum and complete turds like this on the other!

  24. I mean if I get paid and my team is losing I’m getting paid to lose

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