How to Make A Tank Shooter Game in Scratch (Part 1) -

How to Make A Tank Shooter Game in Scratch (Part 1)

A Shrew’s Berry
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This is a short tutorial about how to setup tank movement inside of scratch as well as how to set up shooting so that pellets fly in the direction of the mouse.


  1. My tank goes siedways when I click up arrow how to fix this ?

  2. Still making this kind of videos… I loved overwatch ones ngl

  3. I just want overwatch workshop tutorials

  4. I love your videos no matter what its about keep up the good work 🙂

  5. can u make how to make custom abilitys again? theres updates and i cant find the one that says ability 1 :c

  6. Is there a way to make an offset/fixed gun that can still aim in limited degrees like a tank destroyer?

  7. I have a problem and i dont know to fix it. the problem is that when i made the tank barrel stay with the tank base, it was following it kind of slowly, and not actually staying directly with the tank base. It might be that its just my computer lagging, but i think it has something to do with the script of the barrel coming after the script of the tank base. I want to fix this, but even if i can't, the bug only affects the looks of the game, not the function, so its not a big problem.

  8. i just watch this video to create an online multiplayer tank shooter game (with cloud variables)

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