How to aim a WW2 Sherman tank! #shermantank #ww2 #tanks -

How to aim a WW2 Sherman tank! #shermantank #ww2 #tanks

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  1. Mf aims faster than the vrew in wt😭

  2. This is why most ww2 tank crew have veins

  3. I already knew this but it's good to see kids are being tough right

  4. The night guard seeing that at night :what the f-

  5. bro i play pavlov i already knew how to do this i can drive em too

  6. Is this the 105mm howitzer version (got it from war thunder)

  7. Youtube teach us things that we never need to know💀

  8. War thunder please fix all the sherman turn rates its depressing

  9. Bro he just her life by staring ok one sting

  10. I’ve played more than enough Pavlov to know how to do this. I also went to drive a tank for my birthday

  11. "Turn the gun right"
    "Aye aye"
    "You fucking idiot I meant my right-"
    Ammo Load Burnt Down
    Player Credited For Kill: Gyatsniffer69420

  12. What if you put a drill on the handle

  13. Imagine two World War 2 tanks facing away from each other and having to turn to each other to shoot.Whoever can meet the barrel against the other would win. Spin spin spin even if your arm feels like it's gonna fall off.

  14. Nah tank crews must be very muscular after turning the turret for straight 1939-1945💀

  15. Test program for Gunner:
    #1: Use your arm at full force to turn and move turret cannon

  16. Night at the museum – They are still here "huge red 1"

  17. I don't know if this is a concern or not but I already knew this

  18. FBI : how you know to control a tank?

    Me: YouTube short

  19. Question why they didn't make the spin wheel bigger to turn turet faster

    Ratio etc.

    I mean if the handle you spin would be bigger the turet would spin faster

  20. Yeah, I’m really gonna find a World War III tank in the middle of nowhere

  21. it turns slow cause if it didint you would need to use all your muscle power to move the turret so if its like that it moves slower but works

  22. POV your the night guard and the American crew C9me to life and the turret slowly moveing to you .😶👏

  23. Most tanks had powered traverse but not elevation. Elevation was almost always hand cranked. US, German, and British tanks had mostly hydraulic traverse systems, some electric also, and the Russians liked electric traverse since hydraulic fluid was so flammable.

  24. That’s the 105 Sherman which didn’t have hydraulics. The normal Shermans did have hydraulics.

  25. Can you imagine using the toilet in a hurry you would shit on yourself.

  26. Tanks used to be a big deal during ww2. Nowadays one drone will annihilate a tank.

  27. Be careful about the smelly tank inside 💀🤮

  28. Thank you so much for the tutorial! I really needed it❤

  29. Did anyone just get claustrophobia?

  30. It’s an M4A3 105, a specialized support tank that would lob 105 mm HE shells at buildings and fortifications in support of troops/ bunker busting, which was better than the smaller 75s. It wasn’t really a tank killer though as far as I’m concerned. And because of the dimensions of the gun, I don’t think they added a power traverse, which is why it rotates so slow in real life and in war thunder.

  31. thanks i had trouble with aiming before i found this tutorial! now i can 1v1 a panzer

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