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He’s having a BAD TIME on Shellshock..

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It’s not his day..

Friends in this video: @BYZE @TheBobster @snedgie @MakaDonVelii @aWildWatermelon
Crowny: twitch.tv/crowny132

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In this videos case, we’re playing a tank game called Shellshock live and its really fun! We played the deathmatch game mode and it makes for some really entertaining gameplay and funny times with your friends, this time I’m playing with BYZE, Snedgie and the Bobster as we shoot it out on some team deathmatch to see who’s the last one standing!

Thanks for watching! 😄

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  2. Brian, press spacebar instead of clicking on the fire button to avoid shooting yourself

  3. Ending someone with an earthquake is the greatest disrespect.

  4. Ayyye, the upload at poo time coming in clutch!

  5. Idk how they play with the wind that shit aggravating

  6. Snedgie would have been a snog-osaurus, if he was a dinosaur 😂

  7. I've seen other players track wind per turn in the in-game text chat

  8. attempt no. 2 of hoping I get invited to a shellshock session

    Me no youtuber. me normal teenager with dark sense of humour. Me decently skilled and high level. Pls invite

  9. Watching him not use a Dead Weight to finish off a low HP tank is infuriating.

  10. Ending someone with an earthquake is a bannable offence.

  11. I feel like the reason Maka always lasts so long in every round is because he’s always on the move so no one can lock onto his position. 😛 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Either way I’ll never play this game as much as I want to do watching these are the closest I’ll get! 😂

  12. Funny video and glad to see another upload. I have no doubt if I ever met snedgie in-game he'd flip out over my gear count haha.

  13. I wish I could just join their game lol Bob would get pissed getting hit by lvl 60 weapons lol

  14. Phun my guy😂. You kept overpowering it with the wind helping you and underpowering it with the wind against you… What a beautiful mess to watch! Keep it up😂

  15. 4:59 "there were no tanks in WW1" actually there were, on the allied side there was the male and female british"mark" tanks, the french also had the renault FT, and the germans had (and failed) with the A7V tank.

  16. The ringer does damage with the ring. You need to aim next to someone and when the ring expands itll damage someone. Atleast that is how i think it works.

  17. 13:44 f*ck your frogs and take off

    please say im not the only one who thought of this

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