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Hand Simulator with Tanks and GoKarts and Bob and Wade

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It’s 3am and I’m too tired to write a description. We play hand simulator and there’s tanks and go karts and bob and wade are there too. I made the thumbnail in about 2 minutes I’m sorry. I’ll update it when I get some sleep.


  1. "I had to push it right to go left"

    "If you turn hard enough right, you'll find yourself turning left"
    Clearly, They haven't remembered that almighty words of Hudson

  2. in the tank part of the video 50 percent of what they say is NYEGH GAH MEH NAH and GOD DAMNIT

  3. 3:10 Man, it's so satisfying seeing him hit his shots. And in hand simulator no less.

  4. 6:13 that face on marks face in his way to end Wade then Wade just gave up

  5. Still funny how Mark said in the description he’d change the thumbnail and description when he wasn’t so tired, but here we are two years later and it’s the same. It’s iconic at this point.

  6. man, i really need some friends who would play this with me.

  7. I figured how to use the throttle!
    10 seconds later: aah! Too fast!

  8. Mark not using both hands when riding the tank "YOU BITCHIDIOT."

  9. I can’t belive this was 2 years ago now, I remember staying up all night getting the notification at 3 am

  10. the way he sounded like Yancy when he said "Im comin for youz" got me laughing too much

    actually the entire time theyre playing tanks hes sounding like Yancy

  11. The go kart when the steering wheel is gone and the wheels be lookin like the floating mario kart 8 deluxe bruh

  12. Now, watch closely as the wild wade turns into the banshee.

  13. I'm laughing like crazy watching this LMAO
    Poor wade 🤣

  14. "I'm like the United Nations, I'm just here to observe I'm not gonna partake in any, GOT'EM!"

  15. sometimes i feel wade is just trolling…….or riding Mark and Bob coattails…..or it could be the massive amount of alcohol i drink………alcoholism is a bastard…..thanks to spell check and time to figure out how to spell correctly.

  16. 🤣🤣 Okay, Mark is HILARIOUS just by himself, but include Bob & Wade is just an UTMOST riot of laughs! Also, that was cool, I saw my name in the subtitles.😊

  17. Idk how but this whole video I didn’t take a breath from laughing

  18. "Your lucky my hand wasnt on the boom button"

  19. the reason that wade couldn't turn, I found out by close examination, is because he doesn't listen, therefore tried to use the wheel that moves your barrel, to turn. he never used the joystick to turn, as he thought, by my guess, that the joystick was only for throttle.

  20. I really want to see this all from wades perspective.

  21. Probably the 12th time… this is probably the 12th time I’ve watched this video.

    It never gets old.

  22. Mark Sometimes: * hits target miles away*

    Also Mark Sometimes: HoW DiD ThAT NOt hiT yoU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. When the The rock eyebrow raise meme doesn't exist yet.

  24. That bridge in the Go Kart probably came from another universe 😆

  25. It’s been two years and the description goes unchanged

  26. The go kart is actually pretty calm compared to real life Go Karting in my experience

  27. Is it just me or does Mark find everything that Bob does funny? 😐

  28. I'm really weezing! this is amazing thank you!

  29. "I killed God, what does that make me?" -Bob Myskern

  30. 15:03 I can’t fondle the balls after the ready button. But before the ready button I’m god 😂😂😂

  31. That is the most stripped tank ever what is that those controls are not how a tank works also thats not even a light tank its a super light tank lol

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