Guide. How to play WoT Blitz? How to win? Tips and tricks! -

Guide. How to play WoT Blitz? How to win? Tips and tricks!

World of Tanks Blitz
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How to play WoT Blitz? What do you need to do in battle? What types of tanks are there? What do you need to know about controls and graphics settings? These questions are asked by every newcomer to WoT Blitz. And sometimes they have trouble finding the right answers. That’s why we’ve collected the basic game tips for beginners in one video. Watch, learn, and put them into practice! Good luck on the battlefield!

World of Tanks Blitz is a cross-platform, free-to-play, team-based MMO action game dedicated to fierce tank combat. Available on iOS, macOS, Android, Windows 10, Steam, and Nintendo Switch, the game lets players control over 370 legendary armored vehicles.
World of Tank Blitz is an action-packed tank game that lets players seamlessly enjoy the online real-time action anywhere. Fast paced and accessible, the game puts fun first, mixing the historical and lighthearted, the serious and the fantastic, offering a thrilling arcade-like experience.

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  1. Heavy tanks: High HP, Thick Armour and Low Manoeuverability.
    Sounds quite misleading to me with things such as the Obj 260 and STRV K.
    More like: High HP, Crap Armour and Excellent Manoeuverability.


  2. The better recommendation here is to the people that play WOT Blitz to try World of Tanks

  3. Tips: when in a 1 v multiple enemy situation use the surrounding terrain to your advantage and play aggressive from afar

  4. This video tells one blatant lie. "Don't panic if reds vanish. That's because none of your team mates are close enough to spot them" Bull manure!. Red team tanks vanish anytime during REGULAR battle to cross open ground (usually when you can tear them a new one because you are zeroed in on that open ground). Red tanks often vanish at anytime during REGULAR battle at the exact moment you get a bead on a vulnerable spot especially if your shot will be a kill shot. Red tanks frequently vanish to avoid detection when they are the last red left and are being actively hunted by surviving green tanks, You can roll right by them and they won't materialize. Reds can vanish when you fire a heavy damage shot and your shell passes harmlessly through the exact spot the red was in a mili-second ago. The red then reappears to return fire on you (and you can't vanish, you just simply get your 6 torn up`) and/or has moved to cover an impossible distance elsewhere (like all the way across the map in a max 3 seconds) . There are additional circumstances where reds vanish. When vanishing happens, the final score is usually a red win with all 7 greens destroyed to a max loss of 2 reds. So cut the cr ap You Tube and tell ALL the truth.

  5. I am actually new so special thanks to the video and the comments 🙂

  6. На басурманском всё

  7. One of the most important things is know your opponents tanks and whether it is fast, has fast turret/hull trevers, a good gun reaload, so on and so on. This is probably most important in light tanks so that you know what to engage and what not to engage.

  8. Good video but i have another question, do you think minotauro is good to buy as the first tier 10 tank?

  9. Heres a tip:If you have KV-2 and can’t pen your opponent use H.E you can do at least 200-400 damage

  10. tip: strike from the low gorund as it is hard to the enemy to aim at you

  11. A Tip about the Tech Tree:

    There is no such thing as a “bad” tech tree, but all of them play differently. The most common are US, USSR, Germany, and the UK. I’ll focus on heavies for this.

    American heavies are great at damage and soaking up damage in lower tiers. I would highly recommend the Yoh line of tanks, mostly for the auto loader and high DPM. Be aware that not all heavies are made equal, and sometimes lack good frontal armor. The maneuverability of these tanks are also great and can be fast enough to fight German and USSR heavies with relative ease.

    The USSR is damage focused, with better armor to boot, but at the cost of maneuverability. These tanks are great at standing still and soaking damage, while outputting more to their enemy. The KV and IS line are great baby’s first heavies, and with enough skill, you can almost nullify its lack of horsepower with good positioning.

    Germany is what you get when you smash the US and USSR. These tanks offer good maneuverability and armor, but at the cost of DPM. German heavies towards tier 8 and 9 and up to 10 are absolute damage sponges. As long as you put front towards enemy, you’ll be fine. However, there is one black sheep being the Tiger 1, which can be good in a down tier, but horrendous in a uptier. In most cases, the Tiger 1 will act more like a glorified Tank destroyer, and will not be as good if paired with Russian heavies on the enemy team.

    Lastly, the UK is a DPM focused tree, that has armor and maneuverability as a bonus. These take the most skill and require a bit more game sense to play. But, you are rewarded with good damage output and great maneuverability, at the cost of armor, which is mediocre at best, and horrendous at its worse. Take your time with this branch and know your map skills.

  12. Key to Blitz……Dont spend any money on the scam gameplay. Its just a slot machine disguised as a tank game where they make you believe your skills matter. Their Matchmaking system is designed to maximize their profits unless your a promoter in which case you get different matchmaking criteria then the normal playerbase.

  13. Sad to say that I lost interest in the game. Chat is very toxic on EU last couple of months and the fun is gone.

  14. Tip for new comers: don’t think that t-54 can escape from kranvagn. It never works

  15. Tip:Don't play with Russians and Ukrainians

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  17. Just got a tank tier V||| it's nice and shoot end sniper wow😃😃

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  24. Bang kok tiba-tiba ada tank yang tiba-tiba harganya naik

  25. If you have the kv-2 Share your knowledge lol!

  26. The joke abput kv2 it is very very …
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  27. I have played Crossout Mobile, similar game, so I'm a new player, but my skill isn't weak. I'm going to get a Maus tank. Sometimes I meet in game so stupid players that it's ridiculous

  28. I play WoT on steam but i can't get past the synchronization store scene. Can anyone help?

  29. A tip for newcomers: Don't charge into your enemies even if they are a lower tier. Assess their armour, try a find a weak spot and take the shot. If u miss, take cover behind the terrain and wait for your next shot

  30. Also watch out for your rear side

  31. It will take hundreds of battles to learn the flow of battle on each map. As each map is traversed in pretty much the same ways every time your on that map. People play certain maps certain ways and everyone tends to follow suit as you will find out. If you notice the enemy team traveling together make sure your team is split evenly around them, it's best to put a enemy between multiple guns than to have all your guns threatening only one direction. Meaning if your team has two tabks left and the enemy has 1 put that tank between you and make sure you actually get to a shooting solution where you and your teammate are shooting him. If someone is going to ram you, you can reverse and it lessens the damage if the tank ramming you is heavier than yours. If your tank is heavier than the enemy rammer go towards him at max speed you will do way more damage to them than they do yo you. When going up against TDs, if you can catch them off guard you can scrape up along side them and put rounds into them and there's not much they can do about it as you control their movement, turning is restricted by your tank, if they move forward do the same but dont let them turn by countering their turn with yours etc their gun sticks out the front and can barely aim, as long as you stay parallel a td can't do crap, easy kill.

  32. Give Jpanther more pen to kill higher teirs

  33. Expentacion:My Team Gonna Be Good!

  34. WG: Releasing the video
    Players: Finally after 5 years…now make the Newbies watch this vid.
    WG: 🤔

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