Guess The Video Game Sound 😳🔥 -

Guess The Video Game Sound 😳🔥

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Guess The Video Game Sound 😳🔥


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  1. no shot he ain’t get fortnite right away wtf

  2. i didnt get any of those lmao. why were they all shooters?

  3. Me wating for the guardian sound in zelda

  4. Is it me or he's holding banana as a mic💀

  5. People who said area 51 from Roblox on the first one 😭


  6. The amount of times this guys calls someone out for being a Nazi really waters down the disgusting people that are actual nazis

  7. I was about to say no one has an excuse for not guessing the halo regain shield noise it’s so iconic lmao

  8. First one is Ray Gun from Cod Zombies 🖤

  9. blud domt know what the ray gun sound like. i even know what game its from just from sound. bo1❤

  10. I got two of em right because cod and Fortnite is the only thing I play but I don’t play Fortnite that much anymore, but cod is so nostalgic.

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