Guess The Imposter CHALLENGE 🤔💀 (PART 20) -

Guess The Imposter CHALLENGE 🤔💀 (PART 20)

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Guess The Imposter CHALLENGE 🤔💀 (PART 20)


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  1. I want to play this with my friends, what’s the setup? Like how do yall make sure only 3 know the word to begin with

  2. How do you decide who the imposter is? Could y’all make a video explaining how you guys choose each time?

  3. Yall sponsored by youngla because its kinda wild to have 4 dudes all in the same brand.

  4. He said Kai cenat cuz he's crazy abt the Nike tech

  5. how hard is it to complete the video. lazy beyond words

  6. Ava def
    Sporty then he said Multiple Leagues
    If it wasnt he would not have said sporty but rather basketball or the specific sport

  7. Since when is Nike skating boarding, that’s vans

  8. Y’all should do it where 3 of you are imposters and one actually knows the word

  9. Makes no sense because the first guy is automatically out because how would he know that his word fits

  10. Its mike bc barcelona work with addidas

  11. It’s mike he said skateboarding like he thinks it’s vans or something

  12. Okay now hear me out… Do this but they all have a different person

  13. thats how you know ava ran d1 track, bro said superfly 😭

  14. Do one were they have have a different person

  15. "clean" and "skateboarding" for Nike? Nah bro. It's Mike 💯

  16. Chasing an audience focused on social gain, without an understanding of who’s actually in the genre, should tell you what’s
    needed to know about wannabes.

  17. classy said checkers as in the Nike check mark

  18. Classy is not imposter no way after he said kai cenat

  19. bro didn’t even try to hide it 💀💀💀

  20. Oh screw you for not ending the video with a reveal, thats just messed up

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