Guess The Imposter CHALLENGE 👀💀 (PART 19) -

Guess The Imposter CHALLENGE 👀💀 (PART 19)

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Guess The Imposter CHALLENGE 👀💀 (PART 19)


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  1. Yeah y’all gotta ban “world renowned” 😂

  2. That guy has legit cognitive deficiencies. Statistically speaking there are more black athletes..

  3. I could tell it was classy before the match even started by the way he’s fidgeting and licking his lips. Dude makes it way to obvious to everyone else whether or not he’s imposter.

  4. Why does he immediately assume a black athlete bruh

  5. ah yes, tiger woods, most famously known for being a white man in a black man’s sport 😭

  6. Did classy get punched in the eye or something jeez.

  7. Bro I just found this what have I been missing out on

  8. Bro is it me or is it always classy?

    Edit:Omg im famous

  9. classy is terrible at this game

  10. Poor classy finna flip the table over at this point

  11. Is it just me or am I the only one that noticed that classy has a black eye😭

  12. They need to do one where they just all don’t know the person

  13. Definitely thought it was Mike after saying strong😂

  14. White athletes? Where do u find those at… besides football qb..

  15. Y you always pick black athletes 😭😭

  16. finally someone put a stop to world renowned

  17. You should do this, but everyone is the imposter

  18. literally picked the one race that wasn't right 😭😭😭

  19. He always manages to pick the exact opposite of the person 😂 Bro would say "straight" for sam smith

  20. Funny idea whatever the system you guys use to choose the imposter rig it so that everyone thinks their imposter

  21. I’ve never heard anyone call Tiger Strong

  22. Damn they nerfed world renowned. Crazy work.

  23. White
    classy’s mind : well fuck

  24. Classy: Why you always pick Black athletes?
    Me: …Black history month…

  25. Yall stupid as fuck, there is no way this game works without everyone knowing the word or everyone knowing who doesnt know the word…. Everything on the internet is scripted and fake…

  26. I’m I the only who heard “pu$$y imposter” at the beginning 😅

  27. genuinely dont think he couldve had a worse answer lmfao

  28. I'm tryna think something very specific"
    Also him: white.

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