Grille 15 - 12 KILLS - World of Tanks Gameplay -

Grille 15 – 12 KILLS – World of Tanks Gameplay

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WoT Grille 15 PC Gameplay Replay. Grille 15 Tier 10 German tank destroyer.

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Map: Lakeville
Damage: 7514


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  1. William Toel 05.09.2021 Rheinwiesenlager alle Deutschen haben es nicht
    verdient gerettet zu werden, denn diese Worte sollten sich alle zu Herzen nehmen

  2. Отличный бой!!!) 😉 😊 😄

  3. na tym poziomie co to za wyczyn żaden

  4. Красава
    ,Маскировка огонь

  5. the game became bored when leaving 1 tank on each other side with map that big 😂😂

  6. Well done, but boy did the other team suck.

  7. I hate to move on from Tier 8 Jpanther II because speed is such a factor in WOT

  8. this game is not world of tank I'm ply long time go but not get this seen

  9. 14:29 IS 3A อับอายตายเลย
    ปากดีจัดเลย 0 damage
    5555 เด็กเกาะเบาะ

  10. I have to laugh – clearly the Grille player knows what he is doing. Even so, someone from chat just has to chime in with their 2 cents when he's at 10 kills.

  11. Хочу попробовать war thanter или как он там стоит? ( Фанатам WOT не относится)

  12. пиздец прям какой сводиться а зачем и так залетит половину соперников просто тупо без всякого свидения убил с прицелом с очко мамонта !!!! везение тупо вбр подкрутил ! ! !

  13. Чувак с читами катается 🙂 как минимум повалы

  14. Great modifiecations on your grill 15

    Edit:i have the game but i suck

  15. Omg i had so much fun playin with the german Arties oh god.

  16. MY DREAM IS I HAVE A PC to Play again this GAME wot😪

  17. 4 years ago and not I did not play wot. i miss it , I don't have PC so I'll go in shop PC to play wot😪

  18. Wow what? Just 1390 exp for such a great perfomance?
    I recieved 1000+ exp many times for far worse performances….
    Really don´t understand this.

  19. and this is a very interesting video. Has anyone tried to find this player in the WoT base or even the clan and check it? Look, you will be surprised.

  20. Просто повезло сильно.А так бой как бой.🤗🤣

  21. My dream game 😭 I wish someone will help me to get compyuter or just laptop Ijust want to play that game I'm just playing world of tank blitz mobile. 😭

  22. so many oneshot foods. that was more like a picking up and earning ! easy peasy. wanna have such luck too…

  23. Союзники гриля – конченные👍😎

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