Gigantic Steel Wall Taxi -

Gigantic Steel Wall Taxi

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Endgame Medals Received: Spartan, Top Gun, Steel Wall, High Caliber, Bruiser, Hand of God, Duelist, Fire for Effect, Shellproof

Game Statistics:
Map: Pilsen
Player: Bebcio [1PLGO]
Damage: 9304
Damage blocked by armor: 7840

The Type 5 Heavy is a Japanese tier 10 heavy tank.

The Type 5, also known as the Type 2605, was one of the variants of the O-I superheavy tank, developed during WWII. The vehicle was planned to be used for breaking through fortified enemy lines and for coastal defense.

Sometimes known as “Godzilla” or just Type 5, the Type 5 Heavy holds the title as one of the most frequently changed Tier X vehicles in the game. Initially considered to be one the worst tier 10s in the game, the Type 5 Heavy has since received multiple buffs to its performance in various later patches. While the first round of buffs did not significantly improve its performance, the second round, received in patch 9.17.1, brought forth major changes to the way this tank played. With its much stronger armor and a massive new 15.2 cm howitzer gun with lethal HE shells, each dealing 1400 damage per shot if penetrating the target’s armor or 500-600 damage if not, the Type 5 Heavy would consistently inflict serious damage against even the most heavily armored tanks in the game. Because of this, the tank quickly became a far more formidable and popular vehicle, having enough firepower to impact the whole of the meta game and gaining the reputation as one of the most loathed Tier X vehicles from players that were forced to square off against it.

After a while, the Type 5 Heavy’s over-performing 15.2 cm was eventually and, according to most, rightfully nerfed, making its performance much less effective. To balance this nerf, however, the 14 cm gun received an additional buff to its own performance, making it a more viable alternative. In addition, the tanks mobility was also improved. These changes had, once again, significantly altered the way the Type 5 Heavy plays, making it more in line with the old Type 5 Heavy, but performing better than its old self due to the aforementioned improvements. While this iteration of the Type 5 Heavy is its most balanced iteration yet, the nerfs brought the tank back into being fairly underwhelming. Over time, despite receiving minor buffs in patch 1.13, the Type 5 Heavy is once again among the least popular tier 10s in the game, and is considered to be among the worst heavy tanks in its tier.

As the final development of its respective Japanese Heavy Tank line, the Type 5 Heavy shares similar features to the tanks that came before it. With its thick armor, huge size, poor mobility, high alpha damage and good gun depression it also comes with a few notable features, which were lacked by the tanks predecessors. Specifically, the Type 5 Heavy has much stronger hull cheeks, terminating one of the most well-known weak points of the previous Type 4 Heavy. This, combined with its very thick side armor, makes this tank surprisingly efficient at sidescraping, something the previous Japanese heavies couldn’t do. In addition, the Type 5 Heavy has excellent reverse speed of -15 km/h, which is 50% better than the poor -10 km/h that the previous vehicles in the line had. Finally, the Type 5 Heavy has surprisingly good gun handling, something that also was lacking on the previous vehicles.

The Type 5 Heavy marks the end of its Japanese heavy line.

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  1. Взвод чертей на твп.Все ниче но как можно бло не пробить Лео м 46 и стерву?Это гребаный мир танков.Поэтому в этот шлак лучше не играть.

  2. 2 first shots hit thge commandershatch duuuuude pplssssss come onnnn

  3. Cool fight ❤️‍🔥 Well done fighting 🤙

  4. When he was sandwiched between the IS-4 and the Strv, I thought "how the hell can he get out of this". Very nice game.

  5. Obj 277 and Type 5 H carried the middle fight

  6. jeu de merde pour ados régressifs a fuir

  7. Calling that Taxi – you're gonna be waiting a long time!
    Awesome Game tho!

  8. Is4 ไม่เข้าไปจัดการเอง

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