GHPC | Crew voice is scary realistic -

GHPC | Crew voice is scary realistic

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This game is very promising, I really can’t wait to see it’s full potential in the futur.
The tank crew voice available for the M60 and M1 is so good, this is way better then the “yEs, a hiT!” we’re all used to.
I’m planning to make more vids on this gem, and if you want to test it out they have a free demo and a patreon.

Check their site: ​​

You can also support the patreon:


  1. How the hell do you get such a high framerate?

  2. Man i really want a console port for this the game looks fucking incredible

  3. Versian Deutscheskampfpistolepanzergewehr says:

    At first when the video started, I thought it was Sabaton for a moment.

  4. The commander screaming was getting intense, i bet with some music and another war going on in the background, like airplanes or helos flying above, that can give goosebumps on anyone.

  5. 3:17 "stopped by gunner's pelvis" boy that CANNOT have felt good…

  6. have a question, If I’m correct the Abrams has a hunter-killer system onboard, which means if the commander spots an enemy, he or she could simply override the gunner’s control over the turret & gun and direct it towards the desired target. If so, why bother yelling ‘leftleftleftleftleft/ rightrightritritrit’ praying the gunner won’t fuck shit up?

  7. most unrealistic part of any tank game: Being able to see anything from the driver seat

  8. The fact that the commander sounds like he's about to sh1t he's pants 💀

  9. When the muffled guy said "UHG!" like, 40 times, I felt that.

  10. Bout time someone made a modern version of M1TP2, its been far too long.

  11. I wonder if it will be possible to do a similar voice acting, but in War Thunder

  12. wtf is this screaming? realistic huh… lmao

  13. if theres only one thing i dont like its that they take a direct hit from the front where they are looking and turn the turret to the side lol

  14. seeing this gameplay makes me feel terrified on becoming a tank crewmen in the future 0_0

  15. The way the voices sound panicked when the soviet tanks are pointing their guns at the player

  16. It would be really cool that when one crew member dies and the tank has taken big damage one crew member starts praying

  17. Flashpoint would have rocked your fucking world apparently.

  18. Man the damage lists are brutal "Hit gunner's upper spine.."

  19. When games have Frightened sounding people you know its realistic and scary

  20. I got bored enough of the basic combat on war thunder I started speaking German to roleplay the German tank commander for my panzers 1-6 (tigers panthers and pz 1-4 ) "wir haben sie"/we got them and "wir haben wiel shaden angerichtet" we did a lot of damage or "hauptgeschutz abfuern"/ fire main gun lol or "es prallte ab" / it bounced off , and "es hat etwas schaden angerichtet"/ we did Some damage lol that's if for today's German lesson lol 😂 have a good day to anybody reading this and good luck to all

  21. The guy yelling out a muffled "up" after loading in another round inside of the tank makes this even more realistic. This is something that soldiers actually say in real life as well as yelling out "on the way" before firing a shot.

  22. Thank you for not talking obnoxiously over the whole video. I am looking forward to this game and I will see you on the battlefield.

  23. I remember just after my buddy Bjorn was done recording the loader voice lines for Action Scripter (a Dev). His voice was pretty destroyed and he spent one of his days alone in the house to record the lines since he was screaming "UP" all for a couple hours lol. He is not a Dev but was an Abrams tank loader and lent his voice to the crew working on the game. He does a lot of tank related content on YouTube too:

  24. Will it be possible to play for the USSR? Are you planning to do voice acting in Russian? So far, it looks like an American power fantasy in the style of Call of Duty. The ammunition of Soviet tanks detonates even when the projectile flies by. Probably from the heart-rending screams of the crew of an American tank.

  25. I love the voiceovers, but the enemy AI seems stillborn. Basically shooting rats in a barrel.

  26. If this was WT, gaijjin would bootlick and make the T-72's somehow impervious to SABOT rounds through the front, and would let the T72 somehow pen the abrams with an MG.

  27. Hi!
    Wath is the key for auto range ?
    Thanks in advance!

  28. They got real life former tankers to do the voices, and I mean what a difference it makes.
    High-octane voice acting hasn't gotten me this emotionally invested in a vehicle game since playing Ace Combat in Japanese.

  29. That’s the quietest “Up” I’ve ever heard

  30. A little bit late but, the game info is in the description, check out the site for more information

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