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Get Baguetted WoT Blitz

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  1. I mean, technically, that is an Israeli tank. But the gun is French.

  2. Fun fact: m4a1 rev. Was not its real name,the real name was M-51 made from Israel.

  3. Enemy team afk:free kill
    Team Afk:free lose

  4. . ( ' " ' )
    / /
    / /
    / /
    / /
    / /
    / /
    _ / /
    ('•') / /
    <"( ) )
    / senin fotona bakınca ben 😉

  5. As wot says, we can istall new d!@#$ in our tank.

  6. Этот прицел просто имба!!!!

  7. Why is you accuracy circle Looks different?

  8. bro dropped the hardest afk killing edit and thought we wouldn't notice 🔥

  9. What mod are you using for that reticle and how are you using it?

  10. I think it's just so funny that people play this over war thunder, like war thunder isn't an amazing game but it's way better than this shit

  11. how did you get that sight with the numbers on it

  12. Wow I didn’t think turret shots did that much damage . I usually skirt behind their starting point to come and hit them in the behind. Is the turret the best place to fire on ?

  13. NaGermany低调凡人的超级粉丝德国人于2000年出生(Maus已入库) says:


  14. Finally found u again, we met a long time ago😊

  15. Why is WOT blitz so easy? On pc you would only hear:" we didnt penetrate their armor"

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