Get a Tier X tank as a beginner for FREE! -

Get a Tier X tank as a beginner for FREE!

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Just try your luck☺️

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  1. Imagine a Guy earn a tier 10 tank and you are in a tier 10 match,then you Win and when you look the profile of this guy,you see tht he is actually a beginner and you get mad cause a beginner got a OP tank+got Lucky

  2. sorry guys but how do I get the tank AC 1 Sentinel because I can not

  3. Мне тоже на одном из 20 твинков выпал wz1115a продал его купил мистиков выпал конь и два к91


    damn nice one bro

  5. What the fuck I deleted it and now it’s fake it’s outdated what the fuck man😢

  6. Crates are stupid just buy with all your money gold and the buy the 5x exp cards and then silver booster if it's available and just play with rest of your gold change it to extra exp and unlock the new tanks buy them unlock the new parts play learn tactics become far from noob and your team mates will be gladful .💪👊👌👍

  7. Dude i was about to do it but its not worth it anymore Why dude:(

  8. I don't like this because tier X have more noobs 😢

  9. This is why i found the braindead tier 10?

  10. Bro it's 30th march 2023 why im watching this just now😭😭bro

  11. Then Sell the S Conq to get 12k gold and Use the gold to buy more Crates.. 😂

  12. i've never seen when there is free containers in store

  13. Lol I got an E75 ts, SU100Y and exelcior. Best thing it that the T6 & T5 had less drop chance then any T10

  14. 🪖Невизучий танкист🦄 says:

    Как получить 10 лвл за 10 минут

  15. ИДИТИ ВЫ НА*** С ЖТИМ ВЕЗЕНИЕМ МНЕ ДАЖ ДАТАТ 100 мистический ящеков мне даж 1 милион не выподит

  16. terrible advice. telling new players to go buy crates and maybe get a tier ten? you realize you're asking them to waste their gold AND EVEN IF they get a tier ten, ruin the battles because they'll play like shit?


  17. Bro I Never get any reward and I only got exp booster only
    (I collect the exp booster until it’s 30,000 💀)


  19. i want that account🙂 my dream tank super conqueror

  20. Wth, I played WoTB 5 years ago and this is what veterans get?

  21. How did you get an ac sentinel for free??

  22. I would have spammed this if this still was available since it's taking me way too long right now to get a tier 10

  23. Am i the only one getting a t6e1 grizzly tank?

  24. Why I hate making mistakes by bad luck getting is7 and found a better tank w more hit points is4 and have the is but one problem I sell all my tanks and left one tank is tier 7 Wich I didn't see is my xp only 124 dumb luck and no more account 😔

  25. Hell Naw i spent more than 100 € on crates i and i got NO TANK

  26. This is the reason why all those players in tier X don't know how to play, it just annoying me all the time to be the last one because they don't have experience in tier X. Just destroying my victory rate!

  27. Personal experience: forgot about sumthin?

  28. Part 2 of my comment my reaction: bro did I will pay that thing or not I will search it on YouTube

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