Game Where Players Fight a Giant Tank

Game Where Players Fight a Giant Tank

Giant Tank

Almost all video adventures are designed to show the war from the brightest side. You get a cool weapon, a fun mission, and a reason to be brave. This works perfectly from the marketing point of view. And drives the industry forward. However, some titles declare an antimilitary mood. One of the best examples is the game where players fight a giant tank.

Simple Concept

The online adventure features a lonely soldier standing against a huge armored vehicle. Crawling around the field, use your gun against the danger. Shoot for your life by clicking the mouse. Tap Space to move. There is nowhere to run.

Game Where Players Fight a Giant Tank: About the Developer

The free title was created by Devin Monnens, a game historian and developer. Devin left an instruction, stating that one will need many bullets to win. It sounds like a declaration and makes you think. Does a soldier have any chances against such a powerful enemy? What will the guy think in his last moments? Does the tank driver have any doubts after receiving the order to kill?

Intended as video entertainment, the creation grew into a masterpiece. It has been added to the Values at Play Archive, a collection of conscious games. Do you enjoy playing guess the hidden word? Play Wordle Game online now.

Why Does the Toy Make You Uncomfortable?

Players Fight a Giant Tank

It’s the design that does all the work and causes the right emotions. The tank looks like a massive black monster that is inevitably approaching the soldier. A white background makes it even more contrasting. The green human is lying on the ground and holding a small black gun. The latter also represents evil.

All that is accompanied by an annoying sound. The combination sends us a clear message: something bad is about to happen. Even a thousand bullets can’t change the outcome of such a collision.

Wanna Get the Feeling?

The game where players fight a giant tank is available on Devin’s blog. Check out other antiwar adventures with a similar message: