Game Theory: Shooting Tanks With The Boys! -

Game Theory: Shooting Tanks With The Boys!

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Can playing a video game ACTUALLY make you better at doing that thing in real life? Today I’m reuniting with some folks that you may remember as the hosts of shows previously hosted on the channel! I gathered them all here to test something out in real life… just like in the days of Game Lab. Can playing World of Tanks prepare us for the HUGE task of driving and shooting a tank? Let’s find out!
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  1. “World of tanks prides itself on realism of tank combat”

    Laughs in Gaijin


  3. AUSTIN!
    Don't worry I found his channel

  4. Everybody should've had a run and shot, not just one from each team. Also, the tank and barrel should've been randomly positioned between shots

  5. I never heard about this channel but I don’t think you should quit everyone asking about you to solve things but your just going to leave them?😢

  6. Who’s watching this in 2024 march 😢😭🥺

  7. Who else came here expecting to see MatPat with Josh,Mully,Eddie, Narrator and Juicy?
    Just me? Ok then.

  8. xbox live chat in real life war gonna go CRAZY

  9. BRO im gonna get to do this over the summer lol cant wait

  10. Look for the green. The matpat departure has lore.

  11. To me what was the best about this video is one of my best friends is brothers with drake and has proof in his phone and stuff also my name is Ryder and one of the host is as well which to me was funny to see

  12. 11:29 bro really leveled up cuz he literally went from bike to tank

  13. mean while the players of war thunder leaking secret documents

  14. i imagine you dislike a video and you hear matpat pulling up in a tank

  15. its very cute watching them react to only a long 76mm

  16. Using World of tanks to test realism? really? I mean there is nothing wrong with this video and it's one of Matpat's last videos but it's just that I am a War thunder player so…. also the soldier training in that picture was playing War thunder Not World of tanks…

  17. I'm curious if current army tanks have any electronics/circuitry since if there arent, an emp is going to completely neutralise a xbox controlled tanks

  18. Seeing gaijin being very enthusiastic with tanks reminds me of sandy cheeks being the boom operator. Gaijin/sandy: "DID SOMEBODY SAY BOOM??!!!"

  19. Bro this video unlocked a childhood memory for me oh my God

  20. Ok tank nerd here, the reason why the Leopard 1 felt like a drem to drive was because it was focused on maneuverability and firepower rather than carrying a block of armor, allowing for some really nice speeds

  21. Tommy sounded like he was getting interrogated by the police

  22. The look in Mat's eyes when he says, "And now we move on to shooting the tanks, yes?" 0u0

    Also, ngl, the fact that something that dangerous is apparently that easy to control is a little unsettling. I now understand those news stories where a random guy hijacks a tanks and goes on a rampage–they're literally designed to allow that.

  23. Gf: I wonder if he's cheating.

    Me and da boys:

  24. I'm only just now watching this video. I know these guys don't know me at all, but watching this video, I teared up and got hit with a giant wave of nostolgia.. Because of my home life, I always turned to youtube for comfort. These guys raised me. I was so sad when one by one they dropped off of the channel (or at least their shows), so seeing them all together again has me in tears. You've achieved everything you ever wanted with this channel, Matt, and all the others. I hope you know what an impact you've made on so many people's lives <33

  25. I love that the only Tank i know a little about (because my dad drove it when he was in the german military) is used in this video 🙂

  26. I miss matpat so much I almost cried a lil when I found out he was giving the Chanel up

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