FIRST LOOK at FASCINATING and IN DEPTH tank design game! | Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks -

FIRST LOOK at FASCINATING and IN DEPTH tank design game! | Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks

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Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks is a unique combination of tank design and tycoon game. It puts you in charge of an arms trading company specialized in tanks from WWI to the modern era. Research, design, sell and follow your tanks in battle to make your own history!

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  1. I hoped that it was the other tank building(sprocket?) game getting an update. It's a much more fun tank designing game. But it would really be cool to add metrics to that game to balance production and fight wars with them

  2. Military industrial complex. Gonna name mine General Electric

  3. MicroProse use to do something with the old Mechwarrior games. Seeing their logo at the game launch has me wanting a mech tycoon game…

  4. It's funny how we have MBT knowledge and experience nowadays and put it in WW1 tank

  5. Been following this game for a WHILE now, and after all these years, Early Access is just a extended version of previous DEMOS so far. ALL you have is 20 years and all the TIER 1 TECHS, thats it.

    Cool game for sure, but 30 bucks for what they have at the moment is too much for me.

  6. I feel the design aspect is misleading. From what you showed it looks like all you can do is basically use real life existing designs and click them together. I was hoping to have a more indepth design functionality where you actually design your own hulls, tracks, turrets.

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