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Gunner, HEAT, PC! Is a modern-day/late cold war tank simulator. However, this game focuses on the realism of tanks while balancing gameplay. As someone who’s not very familiar with the inner mechanics of the tank, this game can still be fun if you take your time to learn. There’s a lot of potentials. Stay tuned for more content from GHPC

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00:00 – 2:15: What is GHPC & Overview?
2:15 – 4:54: Tank range
4:54 – 7:46: T-55 Gameplay
7:47 – 8:37: After Action Report
8:37 – 10:26: M60 tank (Day)
10:27 – 12:32: Epic M60 Tank Sniper (Night)
12:33 – 15:06: M1 Abrams


  1. If this game can spark a trend like DCS did, we'll be seeing tank control peripherals in the future

  2. The flying turret ammorack at 0:11 was so fucking satisfying

  3. Looks great. I think Dezgames looked at the this a couple of years ago and it looks much improved.

  4. I might play that because i´m sad of WOT and Warthunder xD

  5. There is no "very unique", things are either unique or not unique, it's not a scalable thing. Don't say it again or some grammar Nazi might speculate that you're a simpleton.

  6. This game looks awesome, i play mostly armored warfare, a bit war thunder, but this game looks cool, will buy.

  7. It is especially neat if you play with good headphones with wide soundstage because the sound and imaging is phenomenal.

  8. We've been waiting and are still waiting and will be for quite some time.

  9. Hmm, sounds (and looks) like DCS Combined Arms, but as a game rather than a sim, and without the ability to build campaigns/scenarios, and without ground-troops, and without airpower, and without the ability for any/all of these participants to be either NPC or own-player/network-player driven. So, I hope it's eventually better than DCS/Combined Arms.

  10. BF5 tank i like to bomb the next area like A to b usually drop a tank and a few solders 🙂
    then some sneaky kid gets me from the rear xd

  11. I love the little muffled "up" from the loader finishing his reload. Very nice immersion touch

  12. 7:45 "All NATO forces have been eliminated" – I could get my – ta-da-dam! – slavisfaction! ❤

  13. this could be very good but needs enviroment destructability and pvp

  14. Thank you for review and video effort. I must add constructive critique: you really need to calm down your mouse speed when panning for your viewers (when in non-combat of course…). It seems natural for you, but ends up being jerky on video, and because the viewer is not in control of what is seen this can cause motion sickness. In brief, slow down, it will be more enjoyable for others. Salute!

  15. The music at the beginning got old fast. You really need to learn to NOT yank the view around so sporadically or rapidly.

  16. was a Abrams tanker in the Marines this game without a doubt is the most realistic/fun tank game ever.

  17. As long as (GUNNER HEAT) it's not developed by another Russian dev company, it may be far more realistic than WT or WoT… which are mostly just pro-Russian and anti-American propaganda tools.
    The typical American vehicle (in WT) is made of paper, shoots rubber bullets with 20% accuracy, and has an engine from WWI. Meanwhile, most Russian vehicles have the fake and highly-unrealistic "Stalinium", and shoot rounds made of Adamantium with 99% accuracy, with an engine from 2050. Its about as unbalanced and unrealistic as you can get.

  18. Not sure if the targeting system works the same as the real M1 Abrams, but if it does, I'd recommend, when scanning, you need to match your aiming rotation to the speed of the vic, as the system calculates where to land the shot based off of that (aside from range). So if you are engaging a target at 1000m (or really any distance honestly), it's imperative to ensure you are tracking the target at the exact speed the enemy is moving ( and/or in relation to how you are moving). In our engagement (former M1 Abrams gunner), if we accidentally jerk the control right before firing, but we are still aiming at the vic, you'll notice that the round just goes flying to whichever directions we accidentally jerked to. The biggest benefit though is that you never have to lead your shots, just gotta aim and fire as smooth as possible.

  19. Tanks can fight just fine all by themselves when they're in the environment that they're made to fight in. It's when leadership use them in a way that they shouldn't be where it gets problematic, i.e. urban terrain. BTW, I was an armor crewman, tank commander, and Master Gunner in the army for 24 1/2 years on M60A3, M551A1, and every version of the M1.

  20. Looks interesting. What is the current player base like?

  21. pretty good game so far. I feel like could be better on the explosions or fire when the shell impacts but other than that, looks decent!

  22. Ive been incredibly excited for this game! Didnt realize they had a playable prevent out !

  23. would love this concept also in navy/maritime warfare

  24. armored warfare is for free and way too better than this!! i mean look at the environment and explosions

  25. Arma 3 with Mods looks better got full penetration system shit ton of maps and gear …a on the fly scenario editor gamemaster option…

  26. lol … finally a tank game worth …?? you mean a game were you shoot static tanks that don't make a shoot against You… Are you kidding with me ….wtf ? go play Arma 3 Warlords against bots and you will be dead and you Don't even know were the enemy is …?

  27. Hello! Please feel free to check out my most recent video of GHPC where I've finally used the laser range finder and some further clarification about this game:

  28. Will they add ww2 tanks? Also are you able to add camo or possibly decals. As you can tell im comparing to w/t but I do like some of their options. What stage of this game are they at? Btw is there an objective?

  29. How do you know what is damaged on your tank and can you do repairs??

  30. There would only be a place for an ultra realistic tank sim. This here has no space because it is only more on the ArmA side. If you really want a spot on the market, that is unused, you have to go the M1 Tank Platoon route. Everything else would only be an arcady ArmA or War Thunder.

  31. war thunder is WAAAAYY better than this man

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