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I played World of Tanks since 2012-2016, and I remember many updates. But I played also Blitz 2017-2020.

0:00 Intro
0:19 World of Tanks: Closed Beta (2010)
0:59 World of Tanks Update (2011)
1:18 World of Tanks: Blitz (2014)
1:46 World of Tanks: Mercenaries (2014)
2:12 World of Tanks Update (2015)
2:48 World of Tanks Update (2017)
3:12 World of Tanks Update (2020)

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  1. Мой батя играл с 2014-2015, а я начал только с 2019. Игра сочная, Не скучная, можно много чего поделать

  2. Мой дядя играт с самого релиза игры и часто говорит раньше было Я начал играть с 2014

  3. Здрасьте пришёл прописать лайкос👍

  4. wargaming needs to make a major change in this game, now? its boring, stupid spotting mechanic still here, get rid of it, and finaly get rid of the forever taking aiming time all ready. Playing for 10 years…and I started playing les and less over the years, teams are oftenly stupid players, and the game doesnt have much to offer. And still…still no T72A tank in the game…and its bin 10 years…since I started playing…STEP THE FUCK UP and make a major overhaul plz look at armored warfare, look at Battlefield bad company2,BF 4 etc what ever, to get some insperation on how tank game should be in 2020…cmon! I wanna save World of tanks….i realy do bud you guys never get the message, yea you delete maps! great move! no game producer does that…ok thats it…im out 🙂

  5. эхх…. старый добрый wot, с 2013 в него играю… настольгия….

  6. WoT: Hey guys new update :*
    That special kind of Player, ever single time: GREAT NOW IT IS RUINED! I HAVE PLAYED SINCE 1685 BUT NOW IT'S RUINED AND I WILL QUIT

  7. сердце разрывается на куски ! играл с 2012

  8. Atleast they added satisfying suspension but the rest of the game is shitty I like the old version

  9. Ого 10 к просмотров
    Поздравляю !!!

  10. I'm pretty sure that the closed beta is just colorized footage of WW2.

  11. blitz – vindicator um isnt in the game in 2014 liar

  12. The wotb footage is clearly not from 2014 thou

  13. Imagine playing this shit tier game in 2021.. terrible hitboxs, no explanations, y'all should just go to warthunder if you want to play a tank game that drains your life.

  14. Как со старого компа на жёсткий диск файлы переносил, так у меня и по сей день есть папка "World_of_Tanks_Beta"

  15. Играю з 2010 звуки лучше чем щас😁 а стрелба ранге топ било

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