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Evolution of the Tanks – Mitsi Studio

Mitsi Studio
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Tanks through time. A fascinating journey of tank evolution and tank power.
In this video, we dive into the dynamic history and incredible evolution of tanks, from their humble beginnings to their modern-day roles on the battlefield.

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  1. the t 90 is one of the creepyest tans i know

  2. Cute and cool, glad your channel pops up on my recommend

  3. Loads of BS. First armored vehicle was developed by Russians in 1901, but that thing was so ridiculous and basically could not propel it self. Second attempt was made also by Russians, there were two different models. 1. was a small armored car with 1 machine gun and 2. armored "box" with 2 wheels, designed for individual solder's protection. The car was way under powered and too heavy. Under it's own weight it was getting stuck in the mud and unable to cross trenches. The "box" would be moved under solders strength. Solder's upper body would be inside of the box and he pushes it forward as he crawls thru the field. It also had an opening for solder's rifle, there fore solder inside that box could fire at the enemy as he advances forward. British developed their tank not as a water tank, but as self propelled water reservoir for Russia. Italian and French tanks were far superior to Germans. They had better armor and more powerful guns, the only and crucial flaw was that these tanks were not welded, but held together by rivets. 1 hit into lower part of those tanks would cut off tops of the rivets and the entire haul would fall apart. After invasion of France and Italy joining axis side, a lot of the Italian and French tanks were used by Germans during invasion of Poland. American Sherman was not one of the best, if anything it was far away from it. Under powered, weak gun, poorly designed engine bay, armament, munition bay and thin armor, which would often cause Sherman to easily catch on fire, or get blown apart, earned it's name "Tommy Cooker" given by German tankers. The only good thing about it was it's comfort for the crew and well designed suspension, alone with robber covered tracks and wheels, which would provide a very quite comforting ride for the crew. However rubber did not last long and often after about 100 miles will get shredded or simply was falling off. Knowing all these problems, Russians never used Shermans as main attacking force, Shermans were always in second echelon and play supporting role.

  4. "With lots of tanks, winning is guaranteed."

    Syria in 1973: Soviet Ukraine tanks are the worst

  5. Очень интересная подача исторического материала…для тех кто не любит читать книги…Русский колесный танк на первом же испытании застрял в лесу свалив дерево…так и простоял до конца 20 – годов…пока его школьники на металлолом не растащили.А про ,западные танки, которые прекрасно горят на Украине автор мультфильма ,политкоректно, умолчал…типа все хорошо…😂😅

  6. I built a tank once, wanna kno the diference between my tank and other tanks? Other tanks are tanks….

  7. weve seen the leopards doing marvelous in ukraine 😀

  8. Didn’t see the best tank in the world in this video the Merkava

  9. Did they say the m1 abrams was a heavy tank or did I just mis hear them.

  10. Hey, how about making some cool cartooney video about testing new military gear on burning remnants of your own capital city, London I guess? It's so fun, isn't it?

  11. bad american propaganda studio… because sherman tanks very very bad tanks source: discovery channel, static

  12. M1 Abrams is a medium tank. There aren't many modern heavy tanks

  13. I can’t believe you left out the British they had their fair share of tanks like the Cromwell

  14. If you do one with fighter jets I will name my firstborn after you

  15. Funny video, until the author decided to go full retard mode at the end.

  16. Indeed, Russian tanks show themselves "well" in Ukraine, it is worth noting that they burn well.

    Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

  17. Well, we have seen how Leopard tanks showed themselves in Ukraine in the first battles👎. We also learned that one Russian tank destroyed a column of Ukrainian equipment (most likely this was a successful maneuver). We are waiting for Abrams at the scrap metal collection points. Perhaps in the future, tanks will be replaced by genetically modified soldiers. In general, it is a sin to pump up countries with weapons for wars. It would be better if they pumped their brains to help themselves. And there were no proxy wars and coups d'etat under the guise of democracy with the sponsorship of other states. We are waiting for the annexation of the western territories of Ukraine by Poland and the continuation of the banquet on making money for the United States and plundering Europe. As Biden would say, money does not smell, no matter how they are earned.

  18. I never thought I'd hear "bitch slap mines" in a sentence lol.

  19. sad that you didnt mention the schwere gustav

  20. Little Willie actually had a turret, that has sadly been lost.

  21. ah yes, talk mostly about russian and usa tanks and how good they were because they were not, sounds logic, not like germany is one of the best countrys for tank building, maybe next time try a neutral approach and not an american propaganda

  22. I heard that C&C 3 Soviet theme at the end. 😉

  23. I really like your videos' art style, but the writing really holds it back. I think if you focused the scope of your videos a bit more, like exploring the important innovations that really show how the tank evolved over time, and sticking to a tighter narrative, you could really have something special.

  24. Was that a damn poneglyph on that tank 🕵🏼

  25. Nazi would be fucked 2 years before they got fucked w eventually without Czechoslovakia… Hitler got massive boost in production and resources after he got gifted whole fkn country by allied forces… Fkn betrayal

  26. ปฏิพล เลิศลักษณ์ศิริกุล says:

    Where is tiger 1😢

  27. I love how you manage to incorporate cartoon gore

  28. One of the Sherman's greatest strengths was its great crew survival rate – also, the T-34 wasn't the "ultimate tank of the war," it was a massive piece of junk.

  29. ukrian with 8 tanks and 1 car russsian sending the lowest tanks to do nothing dn no use to much resources with a very small weak and nazi country

  30. Despite it being unused though, the Maus had a huge rep on the WoT/War Thunder community.

    (please note that i haven't played either games yet 🙁 )

  31. the t34 information is rather misleading because almost half of all t34 never reached the front in working condition. and performance was so bad that they weren't that effective. Build quality still being a russian manufacturing issue even today. It's a tank that served a purposed, but propaganda really screwed up the reality around it.

  32. Orta çağa kadar gidip fetihte kullandığımız araçlardan bahsetmediler. 😂 ŞAŞIRDIK MI?

  33. The first idea/build of a tank was in Austria-Hungary but they didn't pursuit the idea

  34. Bro, its so cool how you stand above political garbage and just make funny cartoons about things that you like. I absolutely love this channel due to that exact dont give a fuck energy. Just pure creativity. This is the way forward 👊🏻

  35. Least Western Propaganda War Channel:

  36. Thanks!
    Once again, a great piece.
    Bravo, Mitsi !!!

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