Evolution of Tank Battalion (Battle City) Games [1980-2020] - panicarts.com

Evolution of Tank Battalion (Battle City) Games [1980-2020]

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Evolution of Tank Battalion (Battle City) Games [1980-2020]

List of Games:
00:00 1. Intro
00:05 2. Tank Battalion [1980] (Arcade)
00:26 3. Tank Battalion [1984] (MSX, Commodore VIC-20, Sharp X68000)
00:46 4. Battle City [1985] (NES)
01:05 5. Battle City [1991] (Game Boy)
01:28 6. Tank Force [1991] (Arcade)
01:52 7. Battle City [2009] (Java)
02:11 8. Battle City 2 [2014] (Java)
02:30 9. Battle City 3D [2019] (Android)
03:00 10. Battle City Remake [2020] (Windows)
03:25 11. Outro


  1. Battle City 1985. Remember playing that at my Uncle's home with my cousins.

  2. I have been searching for an Arcade game since the 1980's… It is a tank game that has the same look and feel as Vindicators. The game had all of the regular controls of a good tank game; two joysticks and fire buttons. It had a special feature where you can pull the 2 joysticks (that drove the tank) away from each other (One Left, The other Right). When you do this, the tank on the screen, would tilt backwards with its nose in the air and allow you to shot a shot into the air like a mortar round. I used to spend every single quarter that i came into contact with into that machine…. Can you help me find out what it is called?

  3. You forgot about tank tank tank on Wii u

  4. It's wild that games had destructible environments in 1980, while it's so rare nowadays.

  5. Hi, on which gaming platforms does this exist? I'd like to play it again

  6. Huge like + sub. 🀩 I have played Battle City (NES) 1985 version a lot. here's my gameplay link.

  7. I played this game when it released in 1980 on an arcade machine in the Salvation Army shop in Detmold (Germany) while waiting for the school bus

  8. Que bueno recuerdo ese juego me gustaba muchos

  9. I missed my console that has the 0:06 old tank battalion

  10. WOW….and I just played version 1985 only….

  11. Tank Tank Tank (WiiU/Arcade) real continue (Battle City) games!

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