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ELC EVEN 90: Average, but not today #6 – World of Tanks

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ELC EVEN 90: Average, but not today #6 – World of Tanks
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The ELC EVEN 90 is a French tier 8 premium light tank.
The ELC EVEN 90 is not part of the French light tank line.
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Battle Stats:
Sand River
Damage: 6198
Frags: 7
Blocked damage: –
Assist damage: 641

Medals: 9
Ace Tanker, Bruiser, Fire for Effect, de Langlade’s Medal, Kolobanov’s Medal, Defender, High Caliber, Tanker-Sniper, Top Gun,

Mods used for the replay recordings: aslains modpack from wgmods(dot)net
World of Tanks

If You want to send me your replay please use this email (hlpwotreplays-at-gmail-com)
I consider only replays with secret (exclusive) link .
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  1. Šta je sa kanalom?Dve nedelje nena klipova?

  2. Bro where are you? I cant wait for new reapleys…🥺

  3. Is this a German channel or is YouTube autotaranslating everything? No matter what: Good channel 🙂

  4. 8 days no wonderful updates!!!!! WE NEED INCREDIBLE RECORDINGS! Hope you everything is well!

  5. Tous ces gros TD qui se font ouvrir les uns après les autres comme des boites de conserve sur la base. Le niveau des joueurs ne va pas en s'arrangeant sur wot visiblement! GG à ce joueur avec l'ELC.

  6. GG…tried to play yesterday, guess the servers were down or something

  7. Couldn't have played much better than this! Excellent tactics throughout and made enough money to take the family out for dinner too. So well done Sir 👍👏

  8. βασιλειος λεονογλου says:

    this tank are made for spoting… right? or not?

  9. What a game what a game,sitting on the edge of the couch,thank you sir for a fantastic game

  10. the strv crybaay whiner was hilarious!!!!!! …LOL

  11. The ally STRV S1 wasnt only a clown, he was the entire circus… hahaha

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