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EASILY the best battery life for Android gaming | Unihertz Tank Gaming Review

Shane Craig
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Intro 0:00
Minecraft 2:32
Pubg Mobile 4:14
Speaker test 6:04
Apex Legends 6:54
Genshin Impact 9:41
Outro 11:19


  1. this phone is perfect for my mother she forget to charge her phone daily

  2. This phone seems perfect, i dont care abt cameras or audio, i want battery and performance, the only problem with this phone is that it looks like it'll explode 😂

  3. Regarding PUBG mobile, if you turn graphics to medium or low do you gain the option to run higher a frame rate?

  4. Ohh look at me game on my powerbank ha ha.

  5. Stardew Valley Mobile players be like "I can play like 4 maybe 5 seasons!!"

  6. I'm a bit jaded, I purchased unihertz jelly 2 and it turned out my wireless carrier didn't recognize it and unihertz never fought back. And so I'm with a phone that won't work with my carrier. So now I have to decide to switch carrier's or just use a different phone 📱, which I am.. Samsung s22 ultra. But not sure if I would buy another unihertz phone. With my current experience with the jelly 2.

  7. You might be able to make it to the super bowl off one charge.

  8. You were talking about days of gaming and testing gaming on the phone, I thought you meant testing gaming for days.

  9. This might be my first "Boring Slab phone" since 2020…Since then I had 2 Surface Duos, LG Wing, Duo 2, Fold 3, and currently Flip4…Some broke and some lost…But the Durability, That Giant battery, The camera and that Sweet Price etc….I'll gladly trade a flippy foldy gimmick for just the Battery… And based on the weight I will Always know if you don't have it so I won't lose it.

  10. This phone is kinda cool to me. I just got the fold 4 (switching from an iphone) and I love it. Last time I went Android was for the Note series. I finally went back to iphone when they started making them bigger. Now I'm back on Android for the fold. Maybe I'm in the minority but I don't mind my phone being bigger. I think the emphasis is always on making them smaller and thinner. I would have been perfectly happy if my fold was a little bigger to house the pen. Maybe a little bigger for a larger battery. I could even see myself carrying this tank of a device. Make phones bigger. Give me the bells and the whistles.

  11. Hey I know this isn't the topic of what you're talkin about right now but have you ever hooked up backbone 1 Android addition to the surface Duo and if so how did it play

  12. Looks like the perfect phone for my drop prone child. Thank you.

  13. I would love to know how long it could keep a pair of smart glasses (nreal air, lenovo t1, etc) powered for. Would be interesting to keep this in your pocket all day and use the glasses and some other input device exclusively.

  14. Great review. Does this tank have desktop mode? If so, would love to see you use it with a mouse and keyboard👍

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