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Dunkey Reacts to Top 10 Games of the Decade

Dunk Tank
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Pete Dorr just opened a big door to a big drama with me.

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  1. It is unbelievable how wrong someones opinion can be

  2. This guys seems to think that if you put a lot of time into a game, it’s a good game. That is far from the truth

  3. My favorite thing about this list is that this guy is clearly the type that owns a switch and a phone and nothing else.

    That's like rating "best food," but you're a peasant in 1350AD and you've never seen a fruit before.

  4. I love it when Leah goes "don't worry guys, I'll go calm him down" to chat

  5. Followed Pete for awhile and I love how he picks games that have touched him on a deep level, not just the highest rated.

  6. Lmao immediately after 6:22 a meditation ad played saying to relax the body

  7. Skyrim and uncharted are the only good games in the list

  8. My rankings
    10. Captain Toad (it has a little something for everyone)
    9. Spider-Man (it really made me feel like Spider-Man)
    8. Mario Kart 8 (it really made me feel like a dinosaur that breathes fire.)
    7. Super Mario 3D World (It really made me feel like a cat)
    6. Lego Marvel Superheroes (it has a lot of somethings for everyone)
    5. Among Us (do I have to explain)
    4. Uncharted 4 (it made me feel like I had 2 first names.)
    3. Mario Odyssey (It really made me feel like I was)
    2. Knack ( )
    1. Knack 2 ()

  9. lol God Leah enjoys that limelight. 4:57 "I don't have anything to say or do but I'm on camera this way." And her "special tape" is as evidently worthless as it looks.

  10. This shit is hilarious. You def need to know what Dunkey hates for this shit to work 😂

  11. Bro I’ve got thousands of hours in Smite but seeing that on a top ten list literally made me drop my jaw

  12. I’m convinced this guy has only played 9 games

  13. is that masking tape? no wonder it keeps falling masking tape is literally meant to peel off easily its the worst thing to use to put up a poster

  14. 1. Five Nights at Freddy's Security Watch
    2. Five Nights at Freddy's Ultimate Custom Night
    3. Five Nights at Freddy's
    4. Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location
    5. Five Nights at Freddy's 2
    6. Five Nights at Freddy's 3
    7. Five Nights at Freddy's 4
    8. Five Nights at Freddy's Pizza Simulator
    9. Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted
    10. FNaF World

  15. This is when I lost all respect for pete dorr for the hundredth time this week

  16. My top ten of the decade:
    1. Persona 5
    2. Celeste
    3. Metal gear solid 5
    4. God of war
    5. Breath of the wild
    6. Red dead 2
    7. Uncharted 4
    8. Hotline miami
    9. Mario odyssey
    10. The last of us


  18. I've been an NYC cop for 28 years. 4 months ago I got called out on the worst murder I've ever seen. It was the kid in that video, he had been torn limb from limb. We were certain that it was the result of a gorilla attack, no man should have the strength to do what was done to that kid. As I was leaving the crime scene, crying like a baby for the first time in my career, Dunkey walks up my patrol car. Very casually he says "He shouldn't have put Last Guardian on his list." Then he walks away whistling with his hands in his pockets. The murder is still unsolved.

  19. Dunkey exploding at The Last Guardian was purely fantastic. He didn't expect that and his feelings of the game came out while also playing up the "huge drama"


  21. I think it's funny literally none of the soulborne games are on that list. Or any Nintendo games for that matter. Witcher 3 not even? But Smite and Hearthstone, lol.

  22. The dude has gotta be trolling that was the worst listing of games for a top ten

  23. The fact that they put smite on this list genuinely angered me too

  24. that guy is a troll or just has bad taste

  25. Assassins Creed Odyssey was the best game of the decade. Change my mind.

  26. PeteDorr has been around a long time. One of the OG channels. When gaming community on YouTube was small. But like a lot of the OG channels they never really aged well or got with the times.

  27. This whole video give me heavy 2014 youtube vibes

  28. I'm glad there aren't as many comments about his wife being cute as expected.

  29. No.1 on the list: The Last Guardian
    Dunkey: Vietnam Flashbacks*

  30. Is he doing this list as a joke? I don't get it. That might be the single worst list i've ever seen…

  31. Other games released in 2010
    Halo reach
    God of war 3
    Black ops
    Mario galaxy 2
    Alan wake
    Bad company 2
    StarCraft 2
    Mass effect 2
    Metal gear solid peace Walker
    New Vegas
    Medal of Honor
    Metroid 2033
    Civ 5

    And he chooses that.

  32. Sure, MW2 did nothing for the decade, absolutely did nothing for the FPS genre and contains zero good memories for anyone in pregame lobby’s. Halo Reach? Trash…you guys remember cs:go? Trash as well.

  33. Dunkey's been on youtube since the beginning of time but never once updated his camera.

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