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Dunkey Reacts to Top 10 Games of the Decade

Dunk Tank
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Pete Dorr just opened a big door to a big drama with me.

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  1. when sonic all stars racing came up on screen i deadass thought dunkey edited that in

  2. Did this guy get challenged to pick 10 random games and make a convincing top 10 list or something

  3. “Babe, can you please fix my Jake Paul poster?”

  4. Oh Pete what are you thinking with that list

  5. You shouldn't do a top ten of the decade if it's all of this is only your favorites

  6. I'm one of few (slowly growing apparently) people who actually really liked ff13. I understand a lot of what people don't like (characters are iffy at times and it opened the world too late) but I still had a great time with it
    That said, it being THAT HIGH on the list is pretty bad lmao

  7. Im about to start a huge drama over how you put posters up

  8. Not gonna lie it really was the worst list I’ve ever seen.

  9. What is the most infuriating is how he distributed the ranking in the screen: from bottom to top and left to right.

  10. I’ve never seen a poster with such good comedic timing

  11. been watching petedorr since 2010, discovered dunk in 2017

    never knew this was the collaboration i needed

  12. I thought being objectively wrong was just a meme, here we are.

  13. My man got so angry by the 6th spot that his energy took down the Jake Paul poster behind him. Only Leah's special tape was capable of withstanding his rage

  14. "thats not a game, thats a computer program they made"

  15. You gotta appreciate how crappy this list is, like it's nowhere close to the typical top 10 contenders.
    Also it's not like people are nodding their head saying it's a decent pick even if it's not one that they would choose themselves, no they're borderline offensive to anyone who's played a few games in their lives.

  16. This video doesn’t even have wreck it Ralph….

  17. This dude has a wife n a hot one. God what is wrong with me.

  18. Off to watch his Last Guardian video again

  19. Omg that's what dunkey looks like hahahahahahaha

  20. What is up with that list, I can't tell what kinds of games he likes.

    Also, Leah is great.

  21. Leah certainly's got that nice rear he used to rap about holy fuck

  22. "This poster is like the Final Fantasy XIII of posters". Got em both in one line.

  23. I like how Dunkey actually got upset at number 1, it was the last game he would every think anyone would say is number 1 on any list ever. lmao

  24. At least when you see badshit crazy list like that you know that the person is honest

  25. Pete Dorr X Dukey is my childhood colliding and i love it lmao

  26. who the fuck lists games like that on a screen

    2 1
    6 5 4 3
    10 9 8 7

  27. After 32+ years on YouTube this dude should know by now that you don’t funk with the dunk.

    Also, you know this guy is having sex with multiple pillows at the same time and calling it an orgy.

  28. Lowlifes: Honey can u pls make me a sandwich.

    Dunkster: can u pick up my Logan Paul poster

  29. Some random guy's opinion: exists.

    Dunkey: no

  30. Do Dunkey's top 10 games of the decade but make it every year of Madden

  31. lost my mind when i saw the last guardian pop up

  32. The Crane Game one truly blows my mind, they aren’t even fun in real life let alone doing it delayed over a video feed for a prize you won’t even get for a month

  33. Pete looks like a dude who is into questionable things.

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