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Diablo 4 THORNS BUILD! | Insane DPS/Tank | Best BARBARIAN Build

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Check out this crazy fun Diablo 4 build. Even better with Razorplate. Cover your Barbarian in thorns!


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  1. With the selected talents, where would you use one handed weapons?

  2. If its a barb build why u got a pic of a necro?

  3. I like to think that this isn't a voiceover and you are telepathically communicating with us down in the bottom lefthand corner as you showcase and explain the build.

  4. Does your voice naturally turn b***hes off 😂

  5. Sorry ok, but you are level 50, you still need to see a lot about thorns to say that this is a good build, and in fact I already say, it is terrible, soon it will change practically everything there.

  6. Is the mobs taking 1 or 2 damage per tick generally accurate numbers?

  7. I recently discovered this has a build i am going with, bled and vulnerability have great synergies with thorns

  8. Why do you have a necro in the thumbnail?

  9. So which has a better damage output socket emeralds for thorns or rubies? For health.?

  10. What is this junk in the bottom left of your screen.

  11. Doing this shit in pvp cause these dicks keep one hitting me

  12. I like the idea but man you took ages to kill trash mobs

  13. just a basic thorn build to give you an idea but you can boost it to insane levels with the razorplate chest piece

  14. @4:24 and @3:17 You've shown several skills that aren't maxed, but state them at it's highest rate. Are we maxing those?

  15. I'm new to Diablo (meaning I didn't like any other Diablo or hack n slash to be honest xD) and I recently made thorn-bleed build. And I think it works, since I've been struggling earlier and now on T3 I'm just flying through nightmare dungeons, even killed Butcher quite easy. I think thorns are definitely overlooked.

  16. I found a legendary unique chest plate called "Razorplate it gives you 12,316 thorns

  17. Call of the ancients avatars benefit from unbridled rage?

  18. Razorplate unique armor gives you 9k thorns at lowest and up to 13k. It however has no other stats, only armor and thorns. My Barbarian currently has 14k+ thorns

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