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DARK Secrets in World of Tanks Console – Console Tank Game

Eclipse – World Of Tanks
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World of tanks console’s Dark Secrets. A wot console video looking at world of tanks on console and what world of tanks console is like as a beginner in 2021. Some key problems with console world of tanks ps4 and xbox one versions and what wargaming’s world of tanks is like for console players.

A world of tanks video for console and what the new player experience on wot console is like along with why world of tanks is a little hard to get into and why people dont play world of tanks console. Checkout more wot console videos on my channel if you like this one and be sure to let me know your thoughts on world of tanks! Additionally if you want any particular world of tanks videos then let me know and we can try make some more tanks related content for you guys all over the world of tanks!

A console tank game called ‘world of tanks console’ video showing what its all about and why console world of tanks is a good tank game and why it maybe isn’t!

Eclipse – World of Tanks Channel – Wot Console Update 6.0

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  1. I have introduced 8 people to this game. 7 have quite due to arty upon reaching tier 7-8. One I still play with has been playing for 4 years but quits for long periods of time due to arty. It is intrinsically unfair as a mechanic. Especially when you can't even fight back against them.

  2. The 4005 is about right. Arty reflects what really happend in WW2 where axis tanks were subjected to a hurricane of arta fire if spotted. Auto's need a high skill level. The state of the game is rubbish and I blame 6.0 as no one aims at weak points, uses cover or work together.

  3. Here's one… if you put the equipment that allows you to change shells on the becky linch then you can change between the HE shell (which reloads in a second) and the normal or premium rounds (4 second reload) and change back to the HE shell to reload again. Its abit to op if you can master switching the shells at the right time

  4. fv sucks, even with he rounds i rarely high roll and in fact often do 200 or 300 less than what you would expect

  5. Could you balance artillery by reducing the speed players can move the cross hair around the map? Especially the speed the cross hair moves when aiming (E50 might have had a chance). Lower damage arty cross hair could move faster when aiming than higher damage ones like CGC. Could mean the dangerous, higher tier SPG' would have to think more about the enemy play, tank movement(s) and positioning.

  6. There are many tanks in the game which have incorrect statistics and Wargaming has never fixed them. For example, object 430 ii premium rounds with penetration 330 can’t even penetrate tier 8 centurion tank. Another example, Amx 50 B it is stated top speed 60km/h. However, In game, it can only reach 50km/h even with track equipment. Amx 40 tier 5 light tank is a joke. With stated 50km/h for light tank, but the real top speed is 25 km/h only.

  7. With how the damage rolls are right now and after 3 marking the Foch. I’ve barely done 2,400 per clip it so rare now. Not saying it balanced, but it’s annoying.

  8. Why have you got a french flag on the fv4005

  9. Great content! Not complaining at all, just trying to provide an explanation. A lot of times when someone yolo’s under the new meta they end up in the middle of eight tanks because despite being right next to all eight none of them are visible. At that point the best strategy to win is to focus one tank and empty your clip. You’re not going to get away unless you are a light tank, soI think it is a little unfair to pick out this behavior. Really the visibility meta needs to revert to pre 6.0 and you’d see more logical behavior. Right now the meta favors timid play, which is not what certain people enjoy playing. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for the great thoughtful video!

  10. The only tanks I truly get mad at is artillery. There’s just absolutely nothing you can do except hope they don’t shoot at you. Any other tank you can decide if you want to challenge them or not

  11. One hitting only with the Fv 4005 and deathstar? My KV-2 thinks otherwise

  12. It's the constant coming up against teir 8 premium tanks when playing in teir 6s that passes me of why no have a mode or section just for them

  13. Realize that the Foch will never do 2400 because it's not 400 per shot it's 380, i don't like what they have done with the damage roll # -25 +15 on it. But it is what it is and for all the tanks.

    The switching of the cell types should have a penalty of like 5 sec or a certain percentage of the reload of the tank. They have it on PC and it's far.
    Ass for arty one per team for balance with a lot less damage done per shot, nerf it in that way is enough.
    And the hesh round should not be in the game that or changed a bit also.
    And lichts should also be limited to two per team.
    The other day I had 3 Arty's and 5 lichts per team..like what!!
    That's my opinion.

  14. I want the barn but getting through the firefly is like nails on a chalkboard

  15. FV4005….FV205b 183. I don’t think they are broken. And they already had their damage nerfed from 1750 to 1450. If you get blapped over and over again by them. Imo it your own fault. They are quite easy to deal with. Arty is very annoying, and I think 2 or 3 per game is to much. But…..I don’t care about 1 arty in a game that much. Btw M44 at tier 6 is way more toxic with its reload.
    If WG should change this all hesh and autoloaders, no more one shots erc….everything gets even more the samenand the game will get boring.
    The accuracy buffs of 6.0…..that is a problem. Even tanks like a dreadnought or the kv2 hit almost every shot nowadays.
    Your last comment is important though…..(new) players need to learn the game mechanics and how to deal with different.
    Imo it is not the fault of the game ppl get 1 shotted every once in a while. And if you are on the receiving end more often then not….don’t be a donkey…..but change the way you play and handle those tanks differently.

  16. Can't wait for -1/+1 weekend. MM now so broken,I'm usually the only -2 tier tank (not scout) across both teams and not playable anymore.

  17. You love your dirty tanks . U naughty naughty boy.
    Nerf t92,fv4oo5 until iv researched them 😄

  18. Sky Cancer has always been the number one problem with this game and the number one reason why, over time, people stopped playing this game.

  19. I watched a Sod Mad Haven vid last night where he was testing armour values & he was penning over 450mm of effective with 340 pen rounds. He's sending the vid to WG!

  20. I think they need to get rid of the premium rounds because that really breaks any semblance of balance if you can just pay to be overpowered, then every good tank is just even more overpowered. Or alternatively I'd have the matchmaking separate for premium ammo. Then get rid of high alpha arty and make arty splash more at low alpha with more damage conditions to crew. Then make the fully aimed in accuracy and vision on autoloaders and high alpha TDs worse so they can't attack players unless they're close. The Churchill 3? had this cannon that could go over hills but was super inaccurate at distance. Lots of things they could change.

  21. Honestly, I’ve finally given up and moved on to other games; getting past tier 6 was rough, I started keeping track of my matches one day and out of 17 I was bottom tier 10 games, mid tier 4, and top tier 3 times. I’m not cool with being fodder for tier 8s all the time. Looks like WG is dicking over pc players too with crew 2.0, serious money grab, 60+mil xp for a full commander that no one asked for; they’re running their games into the ground. I don’t believe WG have any intention of making their games better, I fully believe they misrepresent data intentionally like the Italian heavies recently to pull the wool over peoples eyes for as long as possible. They specifically want to give as minimally acceptable game as possible that they can make money from. They’ll ride the whales out until 50 people play.

  22. Arty is for people who are eating a sandwich while playing. Only you can prevent the spread of skycancer, by eating before, or after you play.

  23. You are also dropping one crucial equipment peice to be able to switch instantly when there was a perk pre 6.0 that could do this for you… wargaming not playing their game for you

  24. SPG's are not tanks, get rid of them from this game, or nerf them into the ground.

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