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DARK Secrets in World of Tanks Console – Console Tank Game

Eclipse – World Of Tanks
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World of tanks console’s Dark Secrets. A wot console video looking at world of tanks on console and what world of tanks console is like as a beginner in 2021. Some key problems with console world of tanks ps4 and xbox one versions and what wargaming’s world of tanks is like for console players.

A world of tanks video for console and what the new player experience on wot console is like along with why world of tanks is a little hard to get into and why people dont play world of tanks console. Checkout more wot console videos on my channel if you like this one and be sure to let me know your thoughts on world of tanks! Additionally if you want any particular world of tanks videos then let me know and we can try make some more tanks related content for you guys all over the world of tanks!

A console tank game called ‘world of tanks console’ video showing what its all about and why console world of tanks is a good tank game and why it maybe isn’t!

Eclipse – World of Tanks Channel – Wot Console Update 6.0

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  1. Since 6.0, there are many tanks that were decent tanks that are now crap. They screwed the game further into the ground. You should be allowed to toggle artillery on or off. I know, the vast majority would turn it off. Why listen to the players? Everything is a penfest at this point. I played one multi-player game yesterday and one today. Lost both, shut it off. Played the citadel and tiger 217 and both games were darn near identical. 1 kill and an average of 350 damage each game. Whitewashes. The saddest part is that I finished 3rd in both games. I have dropped about 20 games in the last 2-3 weeks. 3-11 in the last week. The game is dead unless you are a unicum or play the same tanks over and over that work best in the current meta. Grinding 800,000xp tech tree lines with the high loss rates is brutal. Avg. 600 xp for a loss… Joke. Who at WOT thinks this is good? Friggin idiots.

  2. Yeah arty isnt really balanced, i think something that is altering the data is maps that arent great for arty like ghost town. So is war gaming actually seeing the real picture with maps like that and other city mapst alike. Because i believe wg balanced 99.9% based on data and not peoples opinions. Because for the most part everyones going to hate something different in these games

  3. Ot seems in the current meta auto loaders are king.

  4. I very like your video ! And what is the 2 circle in the map i was never find was is this 😅

  5. Lol under 30 second reload on the fosh… Hmmm ive never played it but that doesnt seem balanced XD

  6. I just picked up the American T-34. It was offered at 1/2 price. Any pros/cons anyone has on it? I haven't tried it out yet..thanks

  7. A lot of people mistakenly say average damage. It's not any more it's base damage now. so don't use that number to calculate dpm

  8. Eclipse.. what you seem to forget that these ‘overpowered’ tanks have the flaws. No one is a new player if they are facing tier 10s! Unless they have been given a prize tanks, in which case it is war gaming’ s fault. If you get one-shotted, learn to avoid tanks that can do that. One-shotting a tank can also be a reason to grind a whole line, There’s nothing more disappointing that getting through to the 10 and realising it sucks! They can be therapeutic too. When your team mates have got you killed for the fifth straight game, it makes you feel better knowing you’ve just taken one one. And being one-shotted and going to the garage? Oh no, what a disaster… except it isn’t. Not really.. it’s all just part of the game…

  9. I'm tired of all of these BS tanks that have nothing to do with ww2 tanks I joined 5 years ago to play ww2 tanks know its so hard to compete like the tiger's really thinking of quitting also keep losing gold for no reason at so far they have replaced it not all just gets old

  10. They need to fix the Italian heavys those reloading times are insane it causes you to get killed .

  11. The FV4005 aka "Shit barn" or the "Death Star" are NOT the issues here. These vehicles are in the battle and become spotted when firing and if not a good player will be dealt with quickly if your team is worth a crap. Artillery gets to shit all over you, one shot you, without being spotted. THAT is the issue. War Gaming has been trying to "balance" artillery for YEARS and have failed at every opportunity.
    It makes zero difference what the community says or wants, they brought this crap into the game to SPEED IT UP. Games used to take over 10 minutes to complete, there were very few "campers" during that time frame, I know, I played it. I've had games against EIGHT freaking arty, EIGHT. The reason why people hate these things is because they are trying to play their tanks to it's strengths, hull down, gun depression, armor, etc… and get one shotted by some dick head sitting at the back of the map that has moved 10 feet from where they spawned, and you cannot return fire, or even spot them.
    People saying to play "arty safe" are just jackass's that hide behind a rock and provide nothing for their team. You want to push and get into position, to actually do something to help your team and enjoy the damned game, and your against 3 arty on Prok. or any of the open maps, good luck with that…
    But let me provide some positive feed back, to help correct the issues with artillery. I know players enjoy this line regardless of how pissed off others get, so lets provide some game play for them. Remove any "special round" and make it a smoke round (night maps could be star clusters). It works to help your team, and you gain XP like a light tank that's spotting. Since this is RNG based, (another rant) only provide smoke and AP rounds, with a reduced damage on AP on a "hit". There is nothing for a miss, no stun, no damage. And keep it to ONE arty per team, or you could have them light up on the map for all to see EVERY time they fire.
    What you have now is players running and hiding from the 2/3 they see per battle, and the CAUSES campers. This is a tank game, you should not have to run and hide from artillery as the game has it as a "direct fire" weapons system, and it is NOT that, especially during WWII.

  12. Artty is part of the game i find it funny that people cry about them they have a long reload and yes they should one shot tanks because of the huge gun quit crying about it suck it up or just not play simple

  13. I finally found a way to cut way back on being put into battles up against +2 opponents even the +1 matches get reduced. Don’t mind +1 too much but +2 is absolutely ridiculous.

  14. It’s not fun being one shot n sent back first. However, in WW2, you could be. In reality, Arty is lethal. Great showcase in Death Star. 👍

  15. Pigs spamming sky cancer….enough said

  16. Dang Eclipse – I always use AP on the Sh!t-Barn. You don't even carry AP LMAO!!!. Difference between Unicum and average player i guess.

  17. I still don't think arty is OP. You said the guys you killed did nothing wrong, but obviously they didn't stay arty safe. Best way to know how to be arty safe is to play arty. Best way to not be arty safe is to take a giant slow german heavy and strut across the middle of the map like a boss…all the way back to the garage. Its pretty rare that you one shot anyone outside of a TD. The speed of the game has "balanced" arty in todays meta. I have been killed by the enemy light tank before I loaded the first round more times than I have one shot someone since 6.0

  18. Only nerf that needs doing is the whole line for American arty
    The accuracy for them is absolutely stupid especially for the damage they can deal out and platoon
    The skill that you can still spot a tank for a extra 3 seconds shouldn’t be available to arty like silent driving isn’t available to light tanks
    Plus arty should have fog of war where they can’t see any terrain get destroyed unless if a ally tank is in the area to relay it

  19. Even though I use the French artly pls nerd the teir 10 artly it is the only teir 10 tank that has the potential of doing 4.5k damage per clip

  20. my problems in the game ,,,artillery,,bad matchmaking,,mixing op tanks like pz5,4 ,e 25,with normal tanks,,not funny.you start the game and get destroyed by 2 or 3 pz5,4…

  21. Wait, (off topic here I know) but did the PC version of WoT just got the same crew update? (I’m beta I think)

  22. If you enjoy playing wacky over powered (in some situations) niche tanks, you can't justifiably complain being killed by them. Artillery is the only mechanic I don't enjoy, and never play, but I do enjoy killing them in lights. They only ruin 1 in 15 or 20 games, so just about bearable in my opinion.

  23. Premium HE on arty shouldn’t be a thing. Otherwise it’s actually ok. It’s so circumstantial when it comes to one-shotting, it’s usually a light player who knew they should keep moving but couldn’t resist an extra 5 seconds trying to camp on a bush. It’s more troublesome when an arty finds a slow heavy or TD on an open map, then it makes the game infuriating when they whittle their health down. Dunno, I was a bad player anyway so whatever.

  24. Theres your problem. Your playing ww2 mode….

  25. Need smoke countermeasures for ww2 or smoke shells to deny artilery, help teamates in tight spots… im pretty sure all those launchers on the turrets were meant for something, or is it just cool decor? In Fury movie they shoot tiger with 2or3 smoke shells, why the hell its not in the game? Cold war bs has that…

  26. Hi! Please, check your email, wrote you with sponsorship offer about WoT game 🙂

  27. Not really Dark Secrets: more like two common complains and one not often brought up.
    I will say that all 3 tanks you showcased are tech tree tanks, this they are a pinnacle that has to be reached and they are top of their class. Once you have ground up a tree, you deserve to get good fruit.
    It stands to reason that the biggest guns do the most damage: be it the FV 4005 or the T92.
    I don’t often hear complains about autoloaders, but they are a different animal all together from regular tanks. Funny I don’t see people complaining about getting clipped out by a T77 or a stockade but complain about getting hit hard by artillery.
    New players should not see the 3 tanks you showcased. Hell, when I earned my Valor I should not have been playing it, because back then I did not know what I was doing. If you are laying I. Tier 10, expect tier 10 damage. That is part of the reason I don’t spend much time at tier 10, because after just over a year in the game, I don’t feel that I have the skill to be there.

  28. You hit the nail on the head. Undoubtably arty is over powered. I am for arty in the game. It adds an interesting dynamic to the game. We have to be aware of them and play accordingly, But a tank consistently doing the OP damage they do without any risk to themselves is wrong.

  29. From my point of view, I am against buffs and nerfs, I believe in the stability of the rules of the game and I believe that both undermine that stability. I think the FV4005 or the Death Star, or the Foch or any artillery, is within reach of anyone who wants to grind them. So we are all on equal footing to get them and play them, and also to develop our defensive strategy against those supposedly overpowered tanks. If we all play by the same rules and they are not changed all the time, then there is no such thing as overpowered tanks. At least that's what I think.

  30. Hey Eclipse, I think you touched on a lot of things that make the game frustrating for newer players and also for more experienced players as well. The easiest way to balance the game and make things less frustrating is to limit the matchmaking to +1/-1. The high alpha guns and autoloaders are part of the game and are at pretty much every tier, especially 6+, and while it sucks to get caught by them, those tanks have other limitations that keep them from being OP. That is not to say that there aren't tanks, mostly premium tanks, that could use some small nerfs to reduce the power creep that has been in the game. Most of the time I get very frustrated with the game, it's when I feel powerless to affect the outcome of the game playing +2. For a medium or light tank with mobility, it's possible, but for a heavy tank that relies on it's armor, the pen at +2 negates any advantage the armor should bring.

    The other times I get very frustrated are when arty does a ridiculous amount of damage, especially when I get splashed from a shot that landed meters away but still takes a decent chunk of health. To balance arty, I think small reductions to the amount of alpha and/or nerfs to aim time/accuracy would help. Something like that and limiting arty to 1 per platoon and 2 per team per game would also go a long way in improving the player experience at the moment, which is what you suggested in your video.

    I hope you find this feedback helpful.

    Thank you for your videos. I find them helpful, insightful, and entertaining. Looking forward to more content to come.

  31. I'll get all those tanks after a year of grinding so try not to perform so well. I dont want them to get nerfed until I try them out

  32. I'm not a new player & understand the various mechanics & buffs you can do with the perks. What I do like is the fact you give your opinion & you explain why you give that opinion as well as explaining the various mechanics you were talking about & why. Love your content keep up the good work. I only wish when I started playing that there vids like yours around. I had to learn the hard way. As I'm sure so many did when WoT came to console & never had the opportunity to play the original game on pc. Tbh I had never herd of the game till it came to console as I'm not a pc gamer & never have been. Apart from playing command & conquer on pc.

  33. I was thinking about getting back into the console version of the game again after a few years away. It seems a lot has changed since I last played. Can anyone point me to the console tech tree, please? All I can seem to find is the pc tech tree.

  34. The Foch 155 only has a 3 shot auto loader and I believe the average alpha is 750 which means they can do average damage of 2250. I haven't played it for quite a while, so maybe they changed it. Still crazy either way.

    I think arty should be limited to 2 per team in a match. Anymore than that, especially on maps without protective terrain, is ridiculously un-fun for everyone else.

  35. Wrong about fv4005, the AP rounds bounce a lot if you don’t aim only having 310pen. Almost every other tier 10 has higher pen values. Land a AP round anywhere except the lower plate of the obj 705a and tell me it will pen with 310….

  36. How can i grind a tier v when im facing pz v/iv all the time? They should limit the 5/4s to non preferencial match making only. I mean they should be in games only with 6 and 7 s

  37. The reason more players yolo in now is cause the big sticks have all been nerfed and there is no deterrent to keep them at bay. Most matches a few lights run around with a medium or 2 and just run up and take out the easier targets first. Paper td's like the german ones or 4005. Its easy to take down a 05 with hesh just need 45mm pen and you go through everytime. And most times at 350m away i can stil in the middle of the map in my medium and farm most td's. The biggest problem is people get mad running their op heavy and medium tanks when they make bad choices and get hit for 3/4 health. It makes better players learning the hard way. I mean literally it doesn't take much to out spot a td and take it down. And if you learn how to push and use cover as you make plays arty isn't a threat. People literally push one side hard and most artys get maybe 2 shots off a match that I'm in. I don't really run either the death star or hesh barn cause i get targeted by a yolo and ripped apart with no help from the team cause they run off to save their own behinds. Thats were before the nerf if you one shot a light or medium on the first yolo attempt of the match everyone would turn around. Games lasted an easy 4 minutes longer and you actually used tactics to sway the game. Now its one push and about 3 minutes and the team is washed. Can't hit a super conquer for more than 400 with hesh so they will just walk up and farm you with dpm and you can't do anything about it. All the reasons to grind the harder lines have been taken away. And lower teirs have the same thing with the baby hesh barn, the Russian dreadnought. All this nerfing isn't balancing. +1-1 would take care of a good portion of the balance that needs to happen but they need to buff some of the tanks back and people need to start figuring out how to play not only as a team but tactically so they aren't just humping the dog. Usually yolo ruins the game. Staying safe from arty isn't that hard once you learn the angles and if you are getting hit and can move to a better spot so you might not get hit then move. Most people do not move and wonder why they get farmed.

  38. Feel as if autoloaders should be limited to 1 or 2 per team

  39. 6 months in and even with premium tanks and some special and ons I'm literally getting my ass kicked. Won't be playing much longer. Thanks for your videos. T.

  40. I'm fine were artillery are
    If being realistic arty should be more powerful people just cant handle a shot up their ass.

  41. Probably cause you do YouTube they hook you up. I know for a fact that they nerf me and put me in terrible unbalanced matches especially if I have a two times or multiplier on.

  42. Speaking of nerfing or change stuff, they need to do something about light tanks. Lately I’ve been running into packs of 3-4 light tanks just absolutely destroying my teams.

  43. Personally I feel tds should be able to do wht the foch 155 can but not to tht extreme

  44. One of my favorites autoloaders is the WT auF E100 it's still really busted

  45. You missed the lack of intelligence in the game. Most other players don't think when they play. They drive. Shot. Die. So you may need to think for all 15 player's. But that would also assume the other 14 have ears.

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