cursed tank simulator/tanmk(the goofiest tank game I've ever played..) -

cursed tank simulator/tanmk(the goofiest tank game I’ve ever played..)

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this is probably one of the best tank games I’ve ever played lol
certainly the best tank game on Roblox
game link:
Music used: The Sacred War
Was wollen wir trinken
SA Stage 6 Boss – Utsuho Reiuji’s Theme – Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom Nuclear Fusion


  1. Got to try out the Finnish Superweapon BT-190. use BT hull with BT42 turret and use 190mm Bruh

  2. Oh god the old cursed tank garage, the UI, THE SAUL GOODMAN IN THE BACKGROUND THE NOSTILGA

  3. Ngl the Gigapanzer is OP and the most cursed Panzer I've ever seen I just wish I could see this in my next fight sadly Im only T2 🙁

  4. dan: uses HE instead of APHE
    me: insert anger here*
    half way to the vid: uses APHE but aims at the engine

  5. You see a tank: Kalm
    He shoots first: Panik
    He only destroys a module: Kalm
    He destroyed your barrel: Panik

  6. Ah yes back when baseplate was a map and got removed the 2nd time

  7. Just wait till the dev gets the idea of adding planes to this game…

  8. I wish i had a pc like yours that can handle a game like that without lagging so much.

  9. 12:02 I refuse to accept that I laugh at that

    But Its soo well done!

  10. 183mm could delete the maus from existence

  11. ever tried using a projetsky hull with an fv107 turret attached with a 76mm empire? It packs a punch in 7.smth seconds.

    Note: It's my idea, it's a medium tank that has decent speed and reload time, but a bad armor. Not a bad armor but bad.

  12. u dont need to put the 152 on everything just because u can

  13. what was the song used with the gigapanzer

  14. Every vid i watch is from Youtube’s recommendation says:

    War Thunder
    Roblox Edition

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