Cry Of War - A WW1 Tank Simulator! -

Cry Of War – A WW1 Tank Simulator!

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For the 100th anniversary of the 11th November Armistice in WW1 I decided to play this little game.

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  1. This video has had a view spike recently. I'd like to point out that the framerate issue is only due to my recording software and was not present when I was playing the game normally. The developer has also continued making content for this game so it's worth checking out!

  2. Thanks I have downloaded this. I was looking for Train Simulator WWI stuff 🙂

  3. Good vid, love this game. The reason why some of the menu is wrote in Chinese is because the creator is Chinese and made it on his own. Also, on the first round where you thought your 2nd gun was knocked out, you just had gun 1 selected. Switch guns with Q.

  4. Friend retake this simulator. There is one Wot blitz youtuber that has started making vids about this. Maybe you can use that, specially because there is no content.

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