Creating a multiplayer tank game! Unity Devlog 1 -

Creating a multiplayer tank game! Unity Devlog 1

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MBTanks is an online tank war game where your goal is to conquer the world with your faction while upgrading your personal loadout with your dream tank setup.

I haven’t made a youtube video in over two years. This was definitely a new experience!

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  1. Coding everything from scratch doesn't make sense anymore. Using assets and asset flipping are very different. It makes no more sense to build a controller from the ground up when it takes infinitely longer than it does to create your own game engine from scratch. My view, as long as the end product is a unique, fun, and thoughtful product, use as many assets as you want to get there.

  2. This is really nice work. I would try it out

  3. I have a sci fi tank game idea. I am looking for some one to help me. I can pay!!

  4. Hello My Friend ! , How Are You? Going Good? 🙂
    Please Make A Game Seems Like Heroes & Generals , You Can Download Game Datas And Make A Game , if You Can Activate Multiplayer 🙂

  5. I'm trying to make a tank game called World of Thunder, and you dogged a bullet with buying the controls. Now I'm not a good game dev by any means, but making the controls and shooting from scratch was a living nightmare! I wish you good luck with your game.

  6. 1st mistake: using legacy pipeline instead of urp

  7. How did you make the multiplayer movement with the vehicles? I have been trying and i cant figure it out.

  8. nice game,

    btw if you want to make a multiplayer android tank game i will help you to make a techtree and maybe some tank model.

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