Cosmo Tank. (Game Boy) [1990]. Longplay. Walkthrough. -

Cosmo Tank. (Game Boy) [1990]. Longplay. Walkthrough.

Весёлый Пёсель. Видео и компьютерные игры.
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1990 – Games Longplays — Дорожница прохождений игр для приставки “Игровой мальчик” –
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  1. Childhood memories… That crab boss always destroyed me, I wasn't able to play though this game! Way to hard!

  2. one of the best childhood games that I play..

  3. My childhood. Man this brings back memories that very few can share. Thanks for posting this!

  4. the first video game i ever played, took me forever to figure out the name of it

  5. It’s been so long since I’ve seen this game thanks for posting this

  6. Man this feels really ambitious for a gameboy game

  7. Probably the earliest FPS game on Game Boy huh….

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