Commanding the WORST TANK ARMY in Roblox Multicrew Tank Combat 4 -

Commanding the WORST TANK ARMY in Roblox Multicrew Tank Combat 4

Plastic Scot
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We Completely Broke this Roblox TANK GAME game with a our ROBLOX RAID… This Roblox War game is has tanks, and it’s INSANE!

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So this was a giant roblox war but it wasnt just ww1 roblox war or a ww2 roblox war, in this roblox tank game you can even do a modern roblox wars. Gone are the days of just playing roblox ww1 tank games and roblox ww2 tank games, now by using roblox multicrew tank combat 4 gameplay you can create your very own roblox modern war with modern tank combat! In this kind new roblox game you play with a bunch of roblox avatars to try and operate a tank to destroy the enemy base. So instead of calling up the scots army, i called up the scots guards and what followed was a compilation of roblox memes and roblox funny moments as we stumbled our way through this roblox war game.

Multicrew Tank Combat 4 By Grand Hawk Studios
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Title 1: We Simulated a BRUTAL TANK WAR in Roblox Multicrew Tank Combat 4
Title 2: 50 Players Simulate a BRUTAL TANK WAR in Roblox Multicrew Tank Combat 4
Title 3: Commanding the WORST TANK ARMY in Roblox Multicrew Tank Combat 4

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  1. I got banned in plastic scot's server beause i lied i was 12 ;-; ples have mercy mr. scot – Sharran aman (i jus turned 2 years old btw)

  2. I've watched the last video so pls do greco Italian war aka greece vs italy

  3. Ngl I’d love to see more mtc vids, keep up the good work!

  4. Just some interesting information, back in multitank crew 3, the discord server was nuked by the developers and team after getting fed up with the owners weird behavior. The owner allegedly stepped down but it is known that he still controls the server and game with an alt account.

  5. How was the war for you Soldiers when going against TankFish's Battalion and C.A.B?

  6. Rommel commanding italian tank crew colorized

  7. That game is bussin bussin if you get a good crew

  8. Make More Grand Battles Videos But Your In Spanish Team, Please :<

  9. Scot i saw you in generation lost on roblox and congrats on 100k subs you deserve more atleast 700k-900k because of your good content

  10. commands for plastic scot:

    c – change weapon
    v – discover distance
    f – fire cannon/machinegun
    g – launch smoke (if the tank has one)
    z – discover distance (with binoculars)
    m – map
    mouse roll – click to report an area

  11. 4:17 we call that, a tactical Positioning

    not like when you put a Motar in Front of the Walls where the enemy’s mostly are at.

  12. commanding black boys in multicrew tank combat 4!

  13. Why do I remember the advertisement for a car with Washington driving for the British?

  14. can you play dummmies vs noobs? its not pvp bu there is a mastermind gameode for one person to spawn stuff plus tid be hard on the easiest difficulty on the easiest map with the easiest gameode cause its hard if you dontknow what ur doing and are low level without unlocked upgrades

  15. is no one going to talk about how much he is jacked?

  16. “I’m actually unstoppable bro” 0.79 Milliseconds later… (Dies)

  17. Anyone remember socttehboeh? This is who he reminds me of

  18. you guys need an army and a vehicles full of men? me and my duo can operate a 4 man tank alone and dominate an entire server

  19. Ehh… I want to ask how I located or marked a place ? I can’t find it in the game wiki. But I had do this accidentally before, also I remembered my teammates had do this before.

  20. Bro said "tbag" after he died like 15 times and that was hes first kill

  21. You can aim the weapons by pressing X and firing any of the weapons is F

  22. Scout is such an Idiot I hate him so much

  23. Camping is fine in this game duh

  24. I love your videos can you make a multicrew combat 4 video please

  25. 2:43 I suddenly remembered that one scene where Jackson was in the church tower and got hit by the tank

  26. Today I played with only two crew (including me) and we got about like 22 kills and 14 vehicle kills
    We where doing modern on Radar station and I was driving.
    The key to win in this game is to have a WhatsApp call or a discord call
    Like This you can inform the gunner of threats quicker

  27. If me and my 3 friends vs your army and you give us 4 lives each ur done maybe even less lives

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