Choo-Choo Charles FULL GAME Walkthrough (No Commentary) 4K60 -

Choo-Choo Charles FULL GAME Walkthrough (No Commentary) 4K60

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Choo-Choo Charles – Full Game Walkthrough No Commentary, All Side Quests, All Bosses, All Missions and Endings! Recorded on PC in 4K 60FPS.

Huge Thanks to Two-Star Games for providing me with an early free copy of the game for content coverage purposes!

Inspired by Stephen King’s 2016 children’s book Charlie the Choo-Choo (which is itself extracted from King’s Dark Tower series), Choo-Choo Charles is pure nightmare fuel. This survival game takes place on an island inhabited by a horrible, evil, hell train with spider legs that crawls across the land looking for people to eat. Your goal is to upgrade your own train and use it to fight back, while not getting eaten yourself.


  1. Good gameplay, but the audio kept stopping randomly.

  2. This horror game is very awesome but there is a version of this on roblox its called Edward the eating train he is like similar to charles but his face is red
    Also i havent played the game on roblox
    But The player has guns on them but not on the train i liked the game on videos
    (I dont get scared in horror games tho)

  3. How the hell does Charles die from 2 sharp wood towers getting plunged in his face but not because we lit him on fire or shot him with metal bullets and rockets?

  4. Is it only me that in the beginning of video has no sound?

  5. dude that was awesome i hope there is a choo-choo charles 2 with a new threat

  6. How to install choo choo charles PS3 please 🥺🥺 any download links

  7. aint no way he just left Eugene😭

  8. Remind me but isn't this concept loosely based on a scp?

  9. Bruh what the heck is this😐overrated game

  10. Me: "OH HES GONNA DIE."
    charles dies brutally

  11. 2 Questions man why didn't you check your surroundings? You missed an substantial amount of scraps and why didn't you check the big yellow crates?, ik you seen them

  12. its not choo choo charels it choo choo charlet

  13. warren charles kinda looks like mr white

  14. I have never seen anyone as dumb as you. Your situational thinking really matters.

  15. Imagine the train you ride was a talking train.

  16. Choo- Choo Charles can’t Choo Choo no more cuz he just Choo Choo on that 😭😭😭

  17. Hey, I can’t hear anything. No it’s not because of my volume. It’s because of a reason I don’t know

  18. I LOVE THIS GAME BUT I DON´T HAVE IT so i play it in roblox and it´s called edward the man-eating train

  19. I'm hoping this comes to console it's such an amazing creative game by one person so hyped

  20. Why does the character Tony Tiddle sound like Kratos?

  21. Seria bom se o jogo viesse para o Android se os desenvolvedores fizessem uma versão para Android isso seria muito gentil da parte deles trazer para todas as plataformas

  22. Okay my phone no in playstore my phone android you in computer

  23. I think it's funny how the game tells you to sneak past the goons but you just run right next to them

  24. woah woah woah woah. woah woah woah WOOOOAAAAAAAH.

  25. This game would be absolutely bonkers in VR

  26. the door is not opening at the first one im stuck

  27. The audio kept cutting out for me closer to the end of the walkthrough, was it the same for everybody else?

  28. The video game developer should create another open-world action-adventure horror game with ghost trains. What if they could feature armored locomotives that have armored and armed freight cars?

  29. Well, I give the developers points for atmosphere. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be on that island. Plus, why is first-person-perspective always so nerve-shredding?

  30. For those guys who are just talking shit about the game, this game was made by just one person. If you honestly think you can so a better job than him, go ahead and make a game better than this on your own.

    Personally, I think this is an incredible feat and serves as a baseline for other games; no large game developer should put together a game worse than this.

  31. BTW may I ask how to download this game bc I can't see it on playstore:(

  32. It's not the end of the beginning and not the beginning of the ends. There will be new chapter or something after the fire eggs hatched

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