Cheating To Beat My Friends (Shellshock Live) -

Cheating To Beat My Friends (Shellshock Live)

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Today we troll my friend wih an OP rules in Shellshock live!

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  1. I don't even know how to use an aimbot ruler😂

  2. I can't believe that he still has the ruler

  3. He should make a marketing campaign for the aimbot rulers… Imagine how many sales he would get

  4. So many long years 😢. I remember when he played and 10 foot dominated slogo

  5. This was zud Oh did you look at me That means you wanna battle
    The battle
    Ssundee Used aimbot ruler
    It was very effective
    Ssundee wins

  6. 4:57 sigils with the Eminem joke 😂,reply if you got that lol

  7. I liked sigils killshot reference he said, why dont you pick molehill so you can make a mountain out of him

  8. the old school ruler returns R.I.P zud

  9. I had shivers when I heard that intro music again

  10. Zud is a dud and he isn’t a bud but he sure does like Elmer’s fud

  11. Little dots to make where you Want Bullet to go Just just

  12. 4:56 sigils: “Hit him with the molehill so you can make a mountain out of him” quoting a line from Eminem’s song Killshot “you’re a f* molehill, now I’ll make a mountain outta you.

    Absolute perfection

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