Can Mk I Heavy Destroy a Maus in WOT BLITZ #Shorts -

Can Mk I Heavy Destroy a Maus in WOT BLITZ #Shorts

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Let’s see how powerfull MK I heavy is.
It can easily win against tier 1 tanks and even tier 2, but can it destroy a Mighty Maus at tier 10? Let’s find out.


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  1. We all know that maus can 1 shot the mark 1

  2. 🐀:heree broo
    🐀:yeahhh.. ohh yeah so good

  3. mark v doesn't pierce Mouse's armour The Guy:*blabbering in a fast way*

  4. Maybe try playing war thunder. This game is terrible unless you’re a kid.

  5. genuine question and I don't mean to be degrading or anything towards the game. But I have played both world of tanks and more thunder, and I just don't understand why people prefer world of tanks, why do people play it over war thunder?

  6. The Mk may cant shoot maus from the sides but from up it can

  7. Mk 1 useing all its ammo
    Maus : tattoo

  8. I’ve only ever seen the mark 1 once lol, I had a friend years ago who somehow obtained it, that think was huge compared to what I had then.

  9. Why do I hear in some moments: (in Russian) ti narkoman?

  10. The maus looking at mk 1 is like the death will come 3 secs later.

  11. "CHUCK CHUCK CHUCK" 🗣🗣🗣🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  12. Yeah this only happens because World of Tanks has really bad ballistic calculations…

    Those rounds should have gone and detonated inside the Optics or hit the turret and Ricochet into the hull roof

  13. The MK I:villagers when getting beaten up by Steve

  14. At the start the thought the maus would shoot the mark 1

  15. you can just press up against the front of the maus and it would count like the mk1s gun is inside and it could penetrate

  16. Its like the Maus was trying to get his itch removed 🤣

  17. When i see an enemy heavy tank all red
    When enemy seas my tank no red
    Change my mind

  18. We dont shoot the maus we DROP the maus 🗿🗿🗿

  19. It's so menacing being on the receiving end of a Maus barrel

  20. Short answer: No

    Long answer: Noooooooo

  21. So Maus top armor is 50mm and MK 1 main gun is a 57mm. Which can pen the top of a maus. World of tanks is more a game then a sim for tanks the same with War Thunder yet War thunder gets the armors and pens more correct. So can MK1 pen a maus? Front, sides, back no. Tracks yes and from the top yes.

  22. I like how the maus turned around for him (that's what she said)

  23. Looks like Sam is on the weed again, fiending blinkers in the line

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