BUILD YOUR OWN TANK! - First Look - Sprocket Gameplay -

BUILD YOUR OWN TANK! – First Look – Sprocket Gameplay

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This game is all about designing and building your very own tank! Its brand new so I figured we could give it a go. Unfortunately, I struggled to build this tank. That doesn’t mean I will with the next one though!




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  1. 30th comment poggers? Oh yeah also can you try to make an mbt

  2. Start a series of this!

    I suggest you make a super heavy tank in the New few episodes

  3. The tank in the first few minutes looks like a small, blocky and Germanized IS-7 lol

  4. yes please its look like fun game try to build T25 (tiger killer)

  5. If you continue this series you should make big as well as small tonk

  6. Video idea: Make a deathrun on the trench map, But there is a challenge, You will not be able to shoot back at your enemies. Similair to a deathrun you will need to make it to a part of the map without dying

  7. i was thinking whether i should buy this or not, so this video is good material to judge. thanks

  8. not to be a jerk but the fact that he ignored the armor section of the hull and turret gives me a headache

  9. make a tank that has basically no turret and is a wedge, like the ASU-57 tank destroyer, although that is a bit less of a wedge shape it's still a tank destroyer.

  10. You can turn space restrictions off in settings

  11. I want the front a tiny bit flat
    Me: flashback to war thunder and losing your transmission…..

  12. This looks like a cool new game to play!

  13. Literally just missed the part where ammo was seperated by hull and turret. GG

  14. He is still working on the traction of the angled surfaces.

  15. You need to remember your spacing. The fact that your turret is so short means that your gun can do just about nothing in terms of elevation, and the shorter the turret the deeper the hole needs to be in order to accommodate the turret basket because people need to be able to exist within the turrets system without issue.

  16. I'll give you some tips for a hypothetical next episode, which I would looove to see. Gun depression is very important, the gun must be able to move down without the hull blocking it, so you can aim correctly even when your hull is inclined or when an enemy is at a lower height than you; try to decrease the distance from the front of the hull to the front of the turret, leave a slightly bigger gap between the gun mantlet and the top of the hull and increase the turret's height so that the breach can move more freely inside of it, allowing you to engage targets more easily. Second, shell length and barrel length define the bullet's speed and penetration, so keep an eye out for them. Third, the space inside the tank changes the loading speed, the loader must be able to move as well as possible to be fast at reloading. Hope you find it useful🙂

  17. Is Sprocket sponsoring these youtubers or something

  18. My last road wheel keeps collapsing in the track lmao and somehow the gun its not going up and downward, you know whats the problem?

  19. Are you able to make something like a flak panzer

  20. This tank looks like the Russians were panicking cause they were loosing the war

  21. My guy just created an IS-2 as his first tank

  22. I wonder if this game will be on Xbox 1 and x and s

  23. you are defintly not a tank knower neither a tank specialist , so you destroy more the game than anything else with this video….

  24. It says for decals or to put the STAR, on the right side it says RMB which is obvious that you need to arrange it with Right click of mouse

  25. Ya took out the ammo in the turret but it looked like u just needed to take away less ammo in the hull ya had like 30+ in there lol
    Edit: at 11:19

  26. They need to add much much more content and add more parts to use for building a tank. Like having 2 diesel engines and one turbine in one tank and have it work somehow lol

  27. U really know something about the basics of a tank?

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