Bringing the memes to Another Tank Game! -

Bringing the memes to Another Tank Game!

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This is a sponsored video where EdvinE20 and Zwhatsh try out the free to play MMO War Thunder where you can play as either tanks or aircraft!

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  1. Before you start playing a match, be sure to play as russians. They have most unrealisticly op tanks, cheap repairs and sometimes onpenetrable armour. DO NOT PLAY AS USA OR BRITAIN OR YOU WILL GET PERNAMENT BRAIN DAMAGE LIKE ME.

  2. The tank physics in war thunder are terrible, you can for some reason drift a tank that is going slow…

  3. Gaijin Entertainment finds out popular WoT channels and offers sponsor for them to just make themselves more popular. Of course there competition between these companies. 😛

  4. If theres one more reason to love you guys – that should be starting war thunder series

  5. When you can finally control the trruet of an M3 Le..

  6. KV 2 killing M1 Abrams, KV 2 killing T80, KV 2 killing Leopard 2 … Maus and IS 7 one shot tier 6 modern tanks…

  7. Also, try the Centurion Mk.5 AVRE, the super derp in War Thunder

  8. what the fuck are noobies dooing in a Tiger E in WT go return little game Edwin and Zwatsh

  9. I highly recommend not to play the arcade mode in war thunder

  10. It’s nice to finally see them playing at my level

  11. No offence but after playing World of Tanks for such a long time, War Thunder tanks look and feel like cardboard cut-out replicas…

  12. Hows this shit complete free if you have to buy premium?

  13. Use the airpalne called "yak" in the russain tech tree in war thunder

  14. meme machine games both wot and war thunder but i hate what war thunder and wot is GRAPHIC TOO MUCH FOR MI also war thinder has no cola and D I C K TENK except wot has no where Realism as war thunder but hey even war thunder bully world of tank saying ads tired of HP?

  15. Peter Zavragin Вариант. D-17(Went To War Ask A-19) says:

    Ok Now Who Brings An IS-2 At Tank AB

  16. Your highest battle rating in your lineup is what controls what you will see in the enemy side not your rank. So a BR of 6 might see 7s. This game is all about knowing your tank and the enemies, making shots count by targeting critical components such as fuel and ammunition/crew. I hope to see more of you guys playing War Thunder, when you are not busy making me laugh my butt off with WoT Epics =D Also, side note is that explosions matter for all. What I mean is if you detonate ammunition and are close enough, you too will take explosive damage which could kill you. I once ignited a Tigers ammunition with my Sherman Jumbo and since I was only about 10 feet from him the explosion nearly topped me over. I only survived due to heavy armor plating but if I had been a light tank I'd have died.

    Maybe one day we'll find each other in game and have a go.

  17. Stoopeed Edvan Saying a BT-7 Is a Tiger…

  18. did you ever try "Armored Warfare" ? its a different game, but with modern tanks, apc's, armored fighting vehicles, ect…plays a bit like wot, in the aspect that vehicles have a hp bar, instead of the oneshot kil from war thunder…and you can play (co-op) pve missions (versus bots) also.

  19. Nobody is going to talk about how Edvin hit a fucking spitfire with a fucking 152 mm KV-2? Pardon my french

  20. War thunder is a good game too, I prefer WoT because I don't like getting one shoted and the matchmaking in warthunder is terrible. (Sometimes a 1991 vehicle(centauro for example) againts a 1945 tiger II) and I don't like how gaijin is trying to mock WG. Also some war thunder fans are toxic.

  21. Hello i know ive said this before but……… What the hell is this!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?

  22. Do you know why War Thunder is Balanced?
    CAS (Close Air Support)

  23. Yeah this game looks like tons of fun… Yeah….

  24. If anyone wants to start Warthunder, here's a big tip.

    While arcade mode might seem like the obvious choice for beginners, it's actually a lot harder than realistic. Sure, you can see the enemies location, but they can also see you. It also takes a lot of your own personal shooting skill out of the equation as you have the hit marker assisting unskilled shooters, and it actually detracts your own intuitive shooting skills.

    Also, expect to eat a lot of sh*t before you start to actually become effective in battle. The way you learn in warthuder, is the hard way. EVERY good Warthunder player has been there.

  25. War Thunder is so boring… and so is this episode… guys pls stick to WoT….

  26. For people who play war games for a living, holy shit do they not know anything about the ammo…or vehicles….or armored combat atrategy…

    It's painful watching them.

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