Best PC Tank Games - worth to play in 2022 -

Best PC Tank Games – worth to play in 2022

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Top 15 best PC tank games that are worth to play in 2022. Most popular and well known tank games top – strategy, shooter, massive multiplayer online games (MMOG).


Apologies for typo in WAR THUNDER name. It is awesome game!

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⭐Panzer Corps⭐
Panzer Corps: Allied Corps

Panzer Corps Wehrmacht

⭐Company of Heroes 2⭐
Company of Heroes 2 Platinum Edition

Company of Heroes 2 – (PC)

Company of Heroes 2 (PC Code – Steam)

Company of Heroes 2: Master Collection (PC Code – Steam])

Company of Heroes 2: All Out War Edition (PC) (64-Bit)

Company of Heroes – (PC)

Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts – (PC)

⭐Red Orchestra 2⭐
Red Orchestra 2 – Collectors Edition

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Stalingrad Original Game Soundtrack

⭐Battlefield 2042⭐
Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition

Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition

Battlefield 2042 Limited Steelbook Edition

Battlefield 2042 Standard Edition – (PC Code)

Battlefield 2042 – (PlayStation 5)

Battlefield 2042 – (PlayStation 4)

Battlefield 2042 – (Xbox Series X)

⭐Arma 3⭐
Arma 3 Original Game Soundtrack

Armạ 3 Video Game Calendar 2022 – Games calendar 2022-2023

⭐Panzer Elite Action: Gold Edition⭐

⭐Steel Armor: Blaze Of War⭐

⭐Panzer Corps 2⭐

⭐Valkyria Chronicles 4⭐
Valkyria Chronicles 4 – (XBOX ONE)

Valkyria Chronicles 4: Launch Edition – (PlayStation 4)

Valkyria Chronicles – (PlayStation 4)

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered – (PlayStation 4)

Valkyria Chronicles 4 (Switch)

Valkyria Chronicles 4 – LE (Nintendo Switch)

The World of Tanks Roll Out Collector’s Edition – (Xbox One, PS4, Windows)

World of Tanks Miniatures Game (Board Game)

Enlisted Guide & Walkthrough

⭐War Thunder⭐
War Thunder Poster Canvas Print

War Thunder Original Game Soundtrack, Ground Forces, Vol. 1

War Thunder: Air Forces, Vol.1 Original Game Soundtrack


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  1. I have been playing "War Thunder" for 7 years, I have opened the tanks of all countries, I recommend it.

  2. Steel Beast Pro, DCS, T-72-Balkans on fire, IL 2 TANK CREW, WWII Tank Battles: T-34 VS Tiger, Steel Fury Kharkov 1942 you missed almost all good tank simulators

  3. this joker doean't even know to spell War thunder. Useless joker kid

  4. Where is GHPCdeserves first place this small team did a amazing job

  5. Wot is unplayable without spending tones of gold

  6. Armoref Warfare is literally DEAD. No playerbase, no development,horrible buggy and all about srlling maximum overpriced prem. Stuff. In addition u dont own the game, if thex close server u lost everything

  7. Wot and WT horrible infested with cheats, don t invest

  8. Armored warfare has been on life support for the past 6 yearsI played it a lot but its current pay2win model is also ass

  9. I play world of tanks and I also play war thunder and I was like, "if world of tanks is in 3rd place, then war thunder must be in 2nd or 1st"

  10. I have had a problem with armored warfare is once installing your anti virus could effect downloading it.

  11. war thunder is very broken , brilliant game very detailed but there last updates have severly broke the game

  12. Great guide to differents game, thanks. Im playing WoT and WoTB in pc, but I want to try some other games us well, with more realistic features of Tank battles.

  13. SQUAD? Hell Let Loose? Post Scriptum? DCS? DUDE, how is it even possible to miss these games where tank play is just on another level but you include battlefield ?? just…

  14. Apologies for typo in WAR THUNDER name it's been blurred out as good as possible.
    Game is really great and massive and I must be too excited when my fingers run over the key pad.

  15. Most of your selection are not 'tank' games. Panzer Corps 1 and 2 are great, but they are not focused on tank action. World of tanks for example sure is. Panzer Elite is ok fun, but it belongs in the 90s. The rest were just tactical settings.

  16. I'm quite surprised you didn't include either Graviteam Tactics or Combat Mission (II) series games in the top ten. They're the most realistic depiction of combined warfare and tank combat around, far superior to Steel Division 2 or Panzer Corps which are, although fun, essentially just beer and pretzel games.

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