BATTLEFIELD 5 - The Last Tiger - All Cutscenes -

BATTLEFIELD 5 – The Last Tiger – All Cutscenes

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Battlefield V All Cutscenes The Last Tiger War Story. All Cutscenes from The Last Tiger in Battlefield 5 Campaign. The Last Tiger War Story lets you command a Tiger 1 in a last stand against US forces as they push toward the Rhyne. You play as Peter Müller, Commander of Tiger Tank 237. Easily the best War Story in Battlefield V.

Battlefield V The Last Tiger All Cutscenes War Story


  1. This should've been bf5's single player story, the different perspectives are cool and all but this one is meaningful, beautiful and also tragic. It would've been, probably, the first AAA game to attempt such a story and it would've likely succeeded.

  2. This story whould have been more powerful if it took place on the eastern front

  3. FINALLY,a game that you can play as an Axis soldier (am talking about the campagn,not multi-player)

  4. uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas says:

    "It's just a game."

  5. Can I record one of the cutscenes to save in my phone gallery?

  6. Мда, эти придурки умудрились героизировать и романтизировать фашистов.

  7. BFV: Shows the Human Side of the German Army and that not every German supported the Third Reich and Many just wanted the War to End.

    Vanguard: If he speaks Kraut he's a Bad Guy.

  8. The Tiger Tank is the most beautiful tank ever to me and I wish they would make more FPS German side of the war stories 😩😔 we need a whole campaign

  9. cod vanguard makes this game look like a masterpiece

  10. 1:39 why did the tiger engage the last tank first lol. He was suppose to engage the first tank in the Column then the last tank. Fury had that same problem.

  11. I love my CoD but damn, BF is freakin amazing!

  12. i haven't hated a character in a long time the way I hated Shroder

  13. this single war story is better than all of bf2042

  14. "When I was a child, a group of boys were caught stealing from the local shop. My father was furious when he found out. I protested to him 'but I didn't take anything'. Maybe not he said. But… you were there"

  15. In our life we all are Peter Muller….just following the orders but in our heart we all are Kertz.

  16. Those German soldiers look like the Bundeswehr so ​​many mistakes are in the tunics.

  17. I found a little mistranslation at 4:45. Müller doesn't say: "remember. We are stronger than them". He actually says: "We are stronger than them. Don't forget that"

  18. Battlefield v: german speaking German with another german.

    CoD vanguard: german speaking English with another german.

    That's why Dice are smarter than activision and sledgehammer studios.

  19. tiger tank is a legendary war machine ,its beautiful , its majestic


  21. So which campaign story do you love better in battlefield 5?

  22. He did his duty as requested
    He was one of us

  23. The opening scene is so horrific yet so well done, you see the projectile go through the turret and out the other side, and then the crewman on fire climbing out of the hatch!

  24. Women : I can’t believe he didn’t cry at the end of titanic
    Yeah do men even have feelings
    Men : 15:39

  25. In meinen Augen ist das sehr authentisch !! !

  26. So accurate and good because it shows that some Germans eventually realized they were lied to and saw they were the bad guys , most even forced

  27. Is there a good movie like this?? Like -showing real german soldiers and their story?

  28. Peter got shot by that Nazi boy but he survived

  29. Reminds me of World at War’s story the strong emotions and to be put in the position of the opposition to know what’s happened on all fronts just hits so different than what the allied position was

  30. “…and I was there.”

    Holy. Shit.

    That hits hard.

  31. this is what the history books dont show you

  32. The moment the bridge blown up, I was expecting that one, so sad the Germans in WW2 end up the similar way

  33. That speech at the beginning when Peter talks about the time he was caught was actually pretty good.

    Even though Peter didn't steal his father was still mad because Peter didn't do anything to stop it. He knew that what the boys were doing to the local store was bad. He could have tried to stop them, could have tried to convince the boys what they were doing was wrong, or he could have just walked away.

    But he didn't do any of that. He was there.

  34. Peter Müller… better is mostly the most generic german name, after Max Mustermann which is a fake name used as place holder 😀

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