BATTLEFIELD 5 - The Last Tiger - All Cutscenes -

BATTLEFIELD 5 – The Last Tiger – All Cutscenes

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Battlefield V All Cutscenes The Last Tiger War Story. All Cutscenes from The Last Tiger in Battlefield 5 Campaign. The Last Tiger War Story lets you command a Tiger 1 in a last stand against US forces as they push toward the Rhyne. You play as Peter Müller, Commander of Tiger Tank 237. Easily the best War Story in Battlefield V.

Battlefield V The Last Tiger All Cutscenes War Story


  1. honestly best war story out of tge campaign by far

  2. I realised the story at the start about the boys stealing from a shop is a metaphor for most German soldiers in the war. They did not directly contribute as the Nazis did, but they were there.

  3. in the end i had to cry 😭 😭 😭….

  4. First 2 minutes: hits last tank in column 😒
    Proceeds to charge out of cover 🙄

  5. this campaign is sad because the ending is sad because of the music and deaths and it was true they did kill desserters in nazi germany in ww2 if civiallians left germany or refused the laws or joining the army then they would be arrested and sent to work camps sad

  6. 10:27 All suspects are guilty, period. Otherwise they wouldn't be suspects, now would they?

    Reminds me of people that believe everything they see on the TV. It must be true or otherwise it would not be on the TV, would it?

  7. 18:07 its sad but why Dice let some feminist write on the end of dialogue ?

  8. Poor guys.. the sheer suffering would've been immense.

  9. In memory of all these poor german soldiers , it's their story we got here ! This videogame bring them back to life , their story , the story of their country , the asshole austrian who destroyed Europa. German soldiers and nazis are different , that could be good if when remembering ceremonies in the future they said this !

  10. Still one of the best Missions in Battlefield V

  11. This short story and way to short it was deserves a true award. The amount of correct story telling and characters.Especially the Brainwashed kid growing up by just nazi doctrine


  13. The people who wrote this story need to be in the next battlefield 2024 to is horrible

  14. I'm sorry…. but is that a black NAzi @3:04? Is that really how woke we have to be now, that the NAZI's have to have diversity?

  15. muller reminds me of old man willie beier from sven hassel's novels

  16. All the shermans when they see the tiger : AHHHHHHHHHHH I THOUGHT THEY WERE ALL DESTRO- explodes

  17. This is by far the absolute best war story in Battlefield 5, I’ve played this thousands of times it is just simply incredible, and the graphics are also astonishing. Really good game and really good campaign (unlike COD WW2 😂)

  18. The saddest part of this story is that it happened.

  19. This Story is very sad. Especially that Hartmann Always reminds me of my grandfather Dietmar K. who luckily didnt had to Fight in the war

  20. This display's the Hitler Youth so well it's terrifying.

  21. The moral of this story is amazing!
    All of our actions have consequences and it doesn't matter in life we did a bad deed or not but we were there!!

  22. The fact he went for the rear of the tank convoy either means he’s inexperienced or wasn’t taught to hit the front then the rear to stop and confuse the convoy before picking off the middle ones, along with leaving cover. The story is great but I’m just a total fucking history nut and very nit-picky.

  23. Fun fact.Peter Muller shares the same voice as Kessler from Wolfenstein The Old Blood.They both share the same voice actor.Funnily enough,Kessler happens to hate Nazis .I've recognised that voice somewhere.

  24. Steiner should be the commander of everything so everything would be steiner army

  25. It's like Mr Miyagi said "there's no such thing as bad students, only bad teacher"

  26. that final line is a chilling indictment of all oppressors unwilling to accept demise, they didn't take the world with them they just let their people suffer to forestall judgment day.

    the people of Germany should have turned on the Nazi's by 1944 and went all French Revolution on Adolf and his cronies.

    the war was lost when the Allies landed in the West and Russia broke the German lines in Kursk trapping 400 000 troops in Stalingrad, where surrender would be death.

  27. If only were Peter say: Schroder, get out. Scout for us. I'll man the gun.

  28. battefield no have soviet union i hate this game

  29. Interesting detail, in Afrika the tanks barrel stripes number 15, showing that this was most likely the early stages of their service. By the time we see them in the present, their barrel stripes number 53, showing just how far they’ve come during service

  30. Schröder: is the type of person that laughs at funerals

  31. One of the ways of demystifying the enemy in WW2 is to humanize them. Mortals that cheered, fought, and ultimately feared. Nothing more, nothing less. Kertz's death really hit hard.

  32. Both world wars were meaningless they should never have happened.

  33. The Last Tiger was the only good thing that came out of BFV.
    Change My Mind.

  34. Ive seen discussions about this on the internet before and in the first clip he seems to take out the british tank in the very back, in reality, all german tank commanders were taught the shoot the tank in the very front to stop the whole convoy from advancing.
    if you read this comment you are very epic.

  35. Best battlefield to this day. 4 is a runner up

  36. I love the sound of the German language. One of these days, I am going to learn to speak it.

  37. 2:38 Lol.. i think USA forgot how Germans salute in old days 😂😂
    not like that soldier i mean

  38. For some reason i see so many Fury similarities

  39. Amazing game(multiplayer), amazing cutscenes(German)

  40. Even though we are the enemy as German in game I like it but I don’t you follw

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