Battlefield 5 Sherman tank game play -

Battlefield 5 Sherman tank game play

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  1. Feels like world of tanks but with unreal engine 5

  2. That’s looking like the most Combat ready Sherman I have ever seen

  3. I miss playing this game, ever since i got a new monitor my GTX 1060 6gb couldnt handle it anymore 🙁

  4. That's frustrating as all hell. When your in a tank a nobody is playing support. You play support as infantry and everyone is running around with a shotgun, LMG or MMG next to you.

  5. Tiger I with HEAT rounds can literally obliterate Sherman tanks without being single destroyed in entire round. Provence map is very unfair if you want to play Sherman tank on this map = disaster for Shermans. When I play for German faction with Tiger I, Shermans cannot cross the hill towards "their" E. The only thinkg Sherman can do is try to hit my tiger in "howitzer style" (firing hidden behind the hill, in their base).

  6. Idk about u but when I play Provence germany always won

  7. Where did you got this skin on the sherman?

  8. So fake the way it swivels around so fast.

  9. If you take a look at the barrel you noticed that is Sherman Firefly

  10. Tip: You should always flank the tiger tank never try to destroy it face to face.

  11. Can’t figure how you play at such a tight fov

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